BEE Certificate Registration: A Necessary Requirement of This Century

BEE Certificate Registration

We had just entered the new century and we start hearing about the government notifications about energy efficiency. There were buzz of a new certification that would compel manufacturers to make appliances that consume more electricity.  It was until 2002 that Government of India, through BEE certificate registration, introduced the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, a body to oversee energy conservation in India.

Governed under the Ministry of Power and monitored by experts who have the desire to conserve energy, Bureau of Energy Efficiency created Bee certificate. The certificate provides rates appliances based on their energy efficiency. The lower the energy consumption of the appliance, the higher it’s star rating, and the happier BEE becomes.

Through this article, we are going to cover everything about Bee certification, from process to objective to everything in between. We will provide the information in a manner that you’ll appreciate – a brief one.

What is Bee Certificate?

It’s a question you’ve gotten the answer to. However, to make it clearer, look at the objectives of the body that issues you BEE registration:

  1. BEE frames policies for energy conservation that are implemented throughout the country.
  2. It monitors, measures and then verifies the energy efficiency of electrical appliances.
  3. It provides energy conversations guidelines to small and medium scale enterprises

What are The Regulatory Activities That BEE Do?

Bee certificate India is a process that shows the regulatory activities conducted by the BEE. They are as follows:

  1. Creating design schemes and standards for products that consume a lot of energy – Air Conditioners, Water heaters, Refrigerators and similar ones.
  2. Giving Star rating to the product based on its energy efficiency.
  3. Creating a code for energy efficiency that acts as a guide for industries and infrastructures.
  4. Creating norms for energy efficiency
  5. Appointing energy managers and auditors who can issue star ratings using BEE registration process.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic activities of BEE, let’s look into how you get Bee certificate.

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Process of BEE Certificate Registration

There are two levels of BEE registration process:

  1. Brand registration and
  2. BEE model Registration

Following are the steps by which you can obtain BEE brand registration:

  1. Go online to the S& L website
  2. Register, login and choose the type of company you represent
  3. Input the details of your company
  4. Pay the registration fee
  5. Enter your reference ID
  6. provide a security of INR 1 lakh if you’re a large scale company and INR 25 thousand if you’re a Small Scale Industry
  7. get a print out of the application
  8. Attach it with a 100 rupee agreement
  9. Submit the application along with the documents and agreement to the BEE office.

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Documents for BEE Brand Registration:

  1. Shareholding details
  2. Proof of annual turnover
  3. Payment proof of application processing fee
  4. ID proof of all the shareholders
  5. Cover Letter
  6. Trademark certificate
  7. QMS certificate of the product’s manufacturing plant.
  8. SSI certificate
  9. Letter of Authorized signatory on a company letterhead
  10. BIS license in case the products for which BIS certification is needed falls under mandatory BIS standards.

Following are The Steps to Walk on to Obtain BEE MModel Registration:

  1. Go to your dashboard on the S&L website.
  2. Search for the option that gives you BEE model application.
  3. Select that option and fill the application form.
  4. Pay INR 2000 per model.
  5. Take a print out of the application and the receipt of payment.
  6. Put the signature and stamp of the authorized signatory on the application and submit it to the regulatory authority.

Documents for BEE Model Registration:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Payment receipt
  3. Online BEE model registration application copy
  4. Test report from an lab accredited by NABL
  5. Sample label


Bee certificate is a mandatory certification that aims to reduce energy consumption in India. Know whether it’s mandatory for the appliance you produce. If it turns out that it is, reach out to our consultants for Bee certificate services and there are lots of services too for which you can ask our help.

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