Step by Step Instructions to Develop a Successful e-commerce App Like Amazon

e-commerce app like Amazon

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry these days which has shifted the traditional business to digital space. People do not have to leave the house to purchase any products; instead, order them online and get them delivered to their doorstep. Moreover, online shopping has witnessed a huge surge at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic as shops, markets, and malls were closed. But, it does not affect online shopping. There is no doubt that Amazon is the market leader and people’s favorite for online shopping.

The Growing Trend of an E-commerce Business,

According to Statista, the net worth of the ecommerce industry in the United States is $360.3 billion. There is a projection that it will reach $603.4 billion by the end of 2021. As Amazon being the fifth-largest company in the United States, its revenue in 2020 was $347.94 billion. It is reported that this was a 31.07% increase year-over-year. The growing trend aspires more entrepreneurs and startups to plunge into this remunerative industry with the Amazon Clone app.

How Does an E-commerce App Like Amazon Work?

It is a known fact that Amazon does not own any shops and it provides access to the retailers/shopkeepers to sell their brand. An ecommerce app like Amazon has two panels, namely the User panel and Seller/Retailer panel.

  • User panel

Users should create their accounts by specifying the necessary details. That is, they can sign up with their email ID, phone number, or social media accounts. Now, they can choose the product which they need to purchase. The chosen products will be added automatically to the shopping cart. They can ensure the products in the cart before confirming an order. Lastly, make a payment using available payment modes in the app.

  • Seller/retailer panel

Like a user, the seller or retailer has to register with the app by providing the required information. After that, they can upload the product list on the app. They have access to manage the product details. They have to ensure whether the product is in stock or not.

How to Develop Similar Apps Like Amazon?

Step 1 – Research and market study

Before starting an ecommerce business, you must conduct thorough research and market study. Decide on which demographic group to target and try to understand your target users’ preferences. Furthermore, find out which tactics worked for your competitors. Try to gather as much information as possible to come with a unique strategy to run an e-commerce business successfully with your Amazon clone app.

Step 2 – App features

It is time to plan your app with user-friendly features. A smarter way to get your app development completed quickly is to add only the necessary features and deploy them. Whenever the need arises, enhance your app by including additional features. The significant features to consider during Amazon like app development are as follows.

  • Push notifications

This handy feature will allow you to send alert notifications regarding offers, the arrival of new products, and delivery status to the customers.

  • Advanced search

Using this efficient search bar, customers can search the products for purchase hassle-free.

  • Shopping cart

Whenever the customers select the product to buy, it will be added to the shopping cart. They can easily review the products (adding and deleting products) before payment.

  • Multiple payment options

Improve the app’s overall experience by offering multiple payment options to the customers. Let them choose their preferred payment mode.

  • App analytics

This feature gives a detailed report about the app’s performance along with the customer data. Upon analyzing, it is simple to create the best marketing strategies and gain more customers.

  • Order tracking

This feature will allow your customers to check the shipment status. It includes details about the product along with the estimated delivery time. Moreover, the customers can reschedule their delivery at their convenience.

  • Live chat support

Using this, customers can interact with the support team to resolve the queries. You can introduce AI-driven chatbots by leveraging advanced technologies.

Step 3 – An app design

Outstanding design is one vital parameter to get attention from the customers. The famous saying goes, the first impression is the best impression. Make your app design appealing to the customers so that you can retain your potential customers. As your logo is the identity of your business, make it creative and innovative. Also, follow a color scheme to make your app stand out from the other e-commerce apps.

Step 4 – App platform

In this stage, you have to decide the platform to launch your app. The most prominent choices are Android and iOS. Based on the market and target audience, choose the platform accordingly. iOS rules in North America and Europe, whereas Android rules other parts of the world.

Step 5 – App development cost

Before you proceed with the Amazon clone app development, you have to know the cost structure. It varies according to your business requirements. The app development cost depends on several factors such as features, platform, technology stack, developer location, design, and much more.

Step 6 – Revenue model

Also, you have to choose the revenue models for your Amazon clone app. Three common revenue models to generate income are subscription, commission, and logistics.

Step 7 – App development company

Choosing a reliable mobile app development company for getting a readymade ecommerce website like Amazon is the right step in this fast-paced world. A clone app is the best choice when compared to developing an app from the ground.

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Step 8 – App promotion

Before you move on to the next step, you have to promote your app on social media platforms like Facebook, Discord, Quora and Twitter. Despite these, having a blog for your app is an excellent marketing strategy.

Step 9 – App launch

After completing the above steps, your app is ready for launch. Deploy it on the platform you choose.

Step 10 – Improve your app

The final stage is improving the app by analyzing the customers’ feedback and analytics reports. Keep an eye on your app even after the launch. 

Final say

In conclusion, it would be better to have an e-commerce app like Amazon for your business as it benefits you in the long run. Besides, developing an app from the ground up, it would be better to prefer using the Amazon clone app as it is a readily available solution.

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