Top 3 Online Grammar Checkers That are Efficient for Writers or Bloggers

Online Grammar Checkers

To make your content eye-catching and engage more readers, it is essential to make it free of grammatical issues and increase its fluency.

Google also gives better rankings to the content that are easy to read and understand. So, it is important to eliminate all the errors from the text.

For a human, it can be a little hard to catch every single grammar mistake from lengthy articles. Instead of full focus, there are chances that a person may miss some mistakes that can lead to reduce the readability of the content.

To catch such small errors and make the article easy to read, users can get help from online grammar checkers that can detect every single line that has a grammatical issue.

When a user uploads the text in these tools, they scan the entire content and analyze the readability. The lines that need improvement get highlighted.

3 Best Online Grammar Checkers

The bloggers and writers who are new to the writing field, don’t know the best about these writing tools. They might puzzle while selecting the best grammar checker.

To make it easy for them, here we are going to discuss some of the best grammar checkers that users can avail of to make the content free of errors.



This is one of the best grammar checkers online that is used for correct punctuation of the sentence. This free grammar checker reads the content deeply and underlines the words that need improvement.

The results that this punctuation checker provides, in the end, are accurate. So, users can trust this top-quality tool. But one of the major feature of this tool is that it is free, user should not have to buy the premium version to completely use this tool for the punctuation and grammar errors.


  • It supports multiple languages other than English. Users from all over the world can get benefit from this online tool. Spanish, German, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, and Dutch are some of the languages that it supports.
  • It also gives an option of auto-detect language. Users have to upload the content in this grammar checker and it will automatically detect the language in which the text is inserted.

  • This online tool support multiple file formats. Users can directly upload the files in any format like Txt, Doc, Docx, and PDF.
  • It shows the total amount of errors that are present in the entire text. Users can remove those errors and make them zero by pressing “resolve all” button. You can check it in the “Overview of grammar checker” image above.
  • This online grammar checker is totally free to use. There is no need to sign up or go for any premium account. You can avail yourself of all the features for free.

Users can upload unlimited text in this grammar corrector. There is no limit for word count in this online grammar analyzer.


In the list of best grammar checkers, this online sentences and paragraphs grammar checker always lies among the top. This online AI based grammar checker is especially designed to correct punctuation, grammar and sentence fragments and passive voice sentences.

Most writers and bloggers rely on this online tool due to the accurate results,it provides the punctuation, spellings and grammar errors in the red, yellow and blue highlights.

Let’s get into the details and talk about the best features that the tool provides to the users and help them make the text consistent.


  • It highlights the lines that can be improved for better engagement.
  • Checks for the spelling mistakes in the content as they can create an issue for the reader while reading the article.
  • Provides the text score on a 0 to 100 scale. So, writers can check for the readability score of the text by checking this scale.
  • It underlines the words and sentences that are not supposed to be in the content. This leads to increase the fluency of text.
  • After making the text grammatically perfect, users can also change the font style. Here they get the option to change the size of text or make it bold.
  • But the major corn of this tool is that it is not free. It only provides the spelling errors corrections and detection of punctuation errors in its free version.

  • To use this online tool, users have to register themselves by creating an account. By this, they can avail themselves of few of the basic features.
  • For advanced features, users can go for the premium plans that start from $12 per month.

3. is another best online grammar checker that can help you make the content perfect to read. It can catch every single mistake from the content that needs to be eliminated.

Here we will talk about some of the best features that users can avail of from this quality tool and make their content free of errors.


  • User can copy and paste the content in the left input box or also use the “upload file” button to input content.
  • It scans the text deeply and provides you with accurate reports so users can make the text fluent for the readers.
  • It scans the content and underline the spelling errors with the red and highlight the punctuation errors with the almost zinc color.
  • After making the text free of grammatical issues, users can also check for plagiarism in this top-quality tool.
  • Users can upload unlimited words per search and make it free of grammatical errors
  • After making the content grammatically perfect, you can directly download report files into your system.
  • One of the best attributes of this grammar and punctuation checker tool is that it is free, easy to use and accurate.

Final Verdict

To make the content easy to read and understand, it is necessary to make the lines free of errors. Otherwise, the reader will have to struggle while reading and understanding the content.

As a writer, you can make multiple grammatical mistakes in the article that can reduce the readability of the content.

To make the text grammatically perfect, you can get help from an online grammar checker that highlights all the issues present in the lines.

Here we have discussed some of the best punctuation checkers that writers can use to eliminate grammar issues.

But if you are looking for the best among these 3, then you can go for prepostseo as it provides you with all the features for free.

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