21 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Real & Instant)

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You must boost your social media page’s visibility in order to succeed on social media. YouTube is a great place for this. It is the most popular platform for sharing videos, with millions of active users every day. This is the perfect place to promote your business and showcase your talent. On the internet, YouTube is probably the most famous platform. Traffic to the site is enormous. YouTube is the world’s biggest video-sharing site. Every day, hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded and viewed. When you become popular on YouTube, there are many perks associated with that. Although you cannot get youtube views and likes on your videos because it is a highly competitive platform with a lot of content. It might be necessary to demonstrate some credibility. Most people tend to buy YouTube likes as it is a common method of achieving this goal.

The videos appear more credible as a result. If you are considering this service, we’ve compiled a list of the top places to buy YouTube likes. Additionally, we have added related FAQs below to help you grow your YouTube channel. Let’s begin.

Buy YouTube Likes (Instant & Non-Drop)


In the early days of social media, Bulkoid was one of the pioneers. For more than 10 years, this website has sold promotions. Since 2010, they’ve also sold YouTube metrics. Having been involved in YouTube marketing for 10 years should allow you to fully grasp its complexities. With all the changes that YouTube algorithms undergo, Bulkoid has deepened its understanding of YouTube algorithms. Providing genuine active YouTube likes is what made them so successful.

You can purchase likes for comments on YouTube from only a few websites. As far as likes are concerned, they cost $5.95 for 100. They offer a 2.5K likes plan as their biggest plan. You will have to pay $95.95 for it. Because Bulkoid products are so well-retained, their prices are very reasonable. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if an order is unable to be fulfilled.


The website FastPromo looks the most professional. Quality and dependability characterize everything about them. The past few years have consistently proved this to be true. The FastPromo team consists of social media experts. Since 2007, the marketing services at the company have been excellent across a variety of platforms. A very good site to buy YouTube likes is their YouTube channel, which is one of their strengths.

YouTube, like the one you get here, has a staggering quality and longevity. The company offers lifetime warranties on all its products. If you buy likes, they will stay with you forever. In order to guarantee this, FastPromo checks every 30 days to ensure that you have not run out of likes.

The services provided by FastPromo are also among the cheapest in the market. Your venture will begin with 100 Facebook likes for just $6.00. It is possible to buy as many as 5K likes for about $177. FastPromo also offers custom orders for those who want more.


Social media veteran Viralyft is one of the most well-known. Social media marketing is always brought up whenever the topic of social media marketing is discussed. Viralyft has made a lasting impression on a variety of platforms as a result of the quality of work they have provided over the past few years. The likes you buy on YouTube can be of premium quality thanks to Viralyft. These products not only have some of the lowest prices but also offer some of the most lucrative features.

A Viralyft subscription costs $6.99 and gives you 100 premium YouTube likes. For $179.99, you can buy 5K likes, the most expensive plan available. You won’t have to wait more than 3 days for your order to arrive, no matter how big or small. If the product does not arrive or does not match the description, the company will refund every penny. To deal with issues such as these, their customer service is accessible 24/7.


To this point, GetViral is regarded as a brand of quality and credibility. Despite this, it wasn’t an overnight success. Getting to this point has taken GetViral nearly 7 years of hard work. They have steadily grown their list of clients over the last 7 years. The company’s services have been used by more than 150K social media users. GetViral’s results for them were mostly satisfactory. Most of their clients have reordered at least once. Over 85% have ordered multiple times.

Getting quality likes by using GetViral is a great way to fight the competition without losing much money. Just $6.99 will get you 100 YouTube likes. For $99.99, you can purchase up to 2.5K likes at once. It doesn’t take too long for orders to be delivered here. Irrespective of how big a plan is, the likes start appearing in just 8 hours. All clients will also have access to 24/7 customer service.


With Follower Packages, you can get the recognition that you’ve been craving for a long time. They have already activated similar abilities for thousands of social media users on a variety of platforms. One example of their credibility would be the delivery of close to 2 million YouTube views by Follower Packages. They are a highly experienced site with an impressive portfolio, making it one of the most reliable.

Views and likes are the only services available for FollowerPackages on YouTube. The first plan, which costs $20, enables you to buy 150 likes. 1K likes are available for $79, which is the maximum amount you can purchase. You can also order a customized order if you are dissatisfied with the quantity.

Order size determines how long it takes to deliver. It usually takes 3-4 days to complete smaller orders, but it might take 2 weeks or more to complete larger orders.


ViewsExpert is another name in social media that has been around for quite a while. Those chosen to be among the best have worked hard for their places. The ViewsExpert social media agency has established itself as a professional firm. This can be attributed to the overall quality of services they provide at an affordable price.

A plan with 1K likes costs $46 and their biggest plan has a profit considering the features they offer. Just $5.50 is the least you can buy from this site for 100 likes. The company deserves the price it is asking for its high-quality likes.

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With all plans, the company offers free refills and has impressive retention rates. If your paid likes start disappearing, contact customer support. Without charging you, they will replenish the likes you lost. It is pretty fast to get a response from support, which runs 24/7.


YouTube likes can be purchased from Social Packages. In exchange for the money you spend on promotion, it provides the quality you deserve. For your convenience, you get a refill guarantee from here, so that you will not lose a cent from your expenses. Starting out is just $6 and getting 100 likes is free. Spending $177 will get you at most 5K likes.

The customer support at Social Packages is another benefit of the whole experience. The first thing they’ve done is allow everyone to buy as many likes as they like. Your need can be met by placing a custom order of whatever quantity is needed if the preset plans do not meet your needs. The only thing you need to do is send the order details. Your order will begin to be processed immediately when they receive your call. Any issues with the service can also be handled by them.


Today, Fast Likes is one of the fastest-growing social media agencies online. It is commendable that they’ve managed to accumulate their expertise within such a short period of time, despite not being the oldest. Among the platforms Fast Likes serves is YouTube, which is one of the most popular social media channels. Buying YouTube views can be an excellent way to get features that are well worth more than the price tag.

Paying hundreds of dollars for a promotion that doesn’t even work is a waste of money. A perfect ten for legitimacy is awarded to Fast Likes. Your account will not be banned for liking their content. The refill guarantee of Fast Likes deserves mention as well.

The company will replace the likes you bought if they start disappearing. There is a bit of an expense associated with YouTube promotions, but that’s to be expected. Six dollars will get you 100 likes minimum and five dollars will get you five thousand likes maximum.


It may sound easy but generating many genuine likes is in fact quite difficult. The creation of fake likes can be done by anyone with bot accounts, but only the most skilled can provide thousands of genuine likes to users. Among them is StormViews.

As one of the top sites for buying YouTube likes, StormViews has an established name and is exclusively devoted to YouTube. While they come with heavy price tags, the benefits that they offer make them worthwhile. Four dollars will get you 50 premium likes. 1K likes cost $49.99, and the maximum amount you can buy is 1K.

As impressive as the quality is, the delivery is equally as impressive. As soon as the orders are placed, the clients do not have to wait for them to arrive. Support for clients is another benefit of shopping at StormViews. All of their buyers can reach customer support 24 hours a day, every day.


Compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing offers a number of advantages. Both have one thing in common: not everyone is capable. To handle everything and get the best return on investment, you need experience. Bringing expertise to the table with Famups brand.

It is counted among the best sites to buy YouTube likes. The source of paid promotion for her in the past has been Famups. Their services are divided into 87 categories. Their deliveries of all these different items totaled more than 15K.

Fulfilling such an overwhelming volume of orders accurately requires a great deal of determination and skill, which Famups has. These features make them one of the most popular sites to buy YouTube likes. Famups has a reputation for quality service and high prices due to the reputation and quality of their brand. For 100 likes, you must pay $9, and for 5K likes, you must pay $380. Their staff offers 24/7 customer support to all buyers as well.


Social media marketing is dominated by the concept of reliability. This usually requires a considerable amount of investment, particularly with YouTube. Any website that accepts money is foolish and bound to fail. If you want to get the best results, you should spend your money in a place with zero risks. We have been in that place for the past five years through FollowersUp. FollowersUp has been providing paid promotions in over 20 countries since 2016.

Those prices are some of the most competitive on the market today. Getting 10 likes for just $1 is a great starting point. The largest plan is 5K likes and costs $155/month. This website is one of very few that offers cryptocurrency as a payment option. Refunds are available for incorrect and unfilled orders as well.


A deeper analysis of UseViral shows that it brings authenticity. A vital part of any social media marketing campaign is originality. Being one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes, UseViral is an extremely helpful tool. There are many benefits to having genuine likes and followers, however.

A fake account or bot purchased from a one-off service is not only ineffectual but could have an adverse effect as well. For using bots, you could have your YouTube channel deleted instead of growing. In the long run, such websites can be extremely costly, as people choose them because they are cheap.

The YouTube likes you get from UseViral are the most real ones possible. We use legal marketing strategies to do this. Although it is quite pricey, the quality of service and the accompanying features make it a reasonable service. You can purchase 100 likes for $13 from here, which is the lowest price. By paying $400, you can get a maximum of 5K likes.


Venium is the best when it comes to experience. This website has the distinction of being the oldest on this list, having been founded in 2001. After 20 years of excellence, the company has just completed its second decade. They have become experts in social media in these years. More than 265K customers have used Venium’s social media promotion services. In total, the company employs more than 55 workers, all of whom are experts in their fields.

There are no better prices than those offered by Venium. 100 likes of high quality are available for just $3.49. A 100 likes cost $3.49 per 100 likes, so you can buy up to 5K likes at once. A specific country can be targeted for all of these likes. In addition to tracking all your orders live, you can also start receiving them instantly.

Venium is easy to use, which is one of the best features. Having an official app is a rarity among social media promoters.


  • Is it possible to buy likes on YouTube?

It’s quite simple, yes. A number of dedicated apps are available today for this purpose. YouTube users and influencers are partnered with these companies.

Their content is interacted with by these professionals. Plans and packages are usually the means by which these customers pay. Customers can then choose the best product for their needs. As soon as they pay for the orders, they begin receiving them.

  • Does buying YouTube Likes get you banned?

Buying YouTube likes is safe, as stated previously. YouTube monitors texts quite often. Check how many of them are related to the uploaded content. Team members can only remove fake likes in the case of likes. Due to this, buyers who received their likes from bots will be affected. Consequently, they are likely to lose some members. Nevertheless, the profile won’t be banned.

  • Can you really buy YouTube likes?

In some cases, yes. To launch a new channel, buying these services is usually an excellent idea. This is also an excellent idea for those who already have a fan base since it is hard to start a brand from scratch with zero followers.

Reaching a wider audience is quite challenging today. In order to increase the rating of certain videos, buying YouTube likes is a good idea. In particular, when there are too many dislikes associated with a visual.

  • How can I buy YouTube likes?

There is no problem with this. Simply know what you want and pay for that. Picking the best vendor is the most difficult part.

All options seem to be similar, and they all offer similar features. However, this isn’t the case. Therefore, to get likes on YouTube and buy them you should read. Online information is abundant. Most apps can be understood by reading reviews.

  • Is it a scam to buy YouTube likes?

There is no scam here. Not even for you, nor for your followers. Often, it is done in this way. Industry and individuals both do it.

 It’s true that some companies out there aren’t completely honest, especially when they are just getting started on this platform. Instead of selling things from people, they sell things from boats. A person only needs to do research to prevent this.

  • Is it safe to buy YouTube likes?

Certainly. You have a very slim chance of having your account banned or suspended by YouTube. They will only do this if the interactions are coming from fake accounts.

These risky clicks are of course being sold by apps. Their quality is never in question, and they will never admit it. Therefore, owners need to let their customers know they are happy. It’s also a great idea to give services a try for free.

  • Is buying YouTube Likes Illegal?

That’s not true. It remains legal to use this platform even though many users disapprove of it and the platform does not welcome it. Users are instructed to engage in an organic way in those terms of service. If a person truly wants to learn something, they are going to watch the video.

Perhaps they want to find something fun to do. They search for recipes, songs, and so forth. Apps that sell these products should not be relied on by owners. However, doing so isn’t illegal.


  • How important are YouTube likes?

YouTube monetization is primarily determined by the subscriber and watch time numbers, but likes play a vital role as well. Indirectly, they do not matter to get you monetized, but they are crucial for the growth of your channel.

When a video gets a large number of likes, it goes viral. Additionally, your videos will get recommended to more people interested in what you have to offer. Your overall presence on the platform can be seriously affected by more likes.

  • How can I get more YouTube likes?

The number of likes one receives can be increased through a variety of strategies. Subscribers and viewers can support you by always liking your videos as a simple way to show their support.

YouTubers often utilize the target, public number of likes in their videos to encourage their followers to like them more. Creating creative and trendy videos can help you improve your overall YouTube performance. Increasing engagement will increase the likes ratio as well. You can follow the tips below to buy real YouTube subscribers.

You should use thumbnails for your videos. Video thumbnails are the first visual representations of your video that people see. Titles are important, but you should also combine them with a custom thumbnail. YouTube won’t display a thumbnail if you do not provide one, so it will simply display one frame from your video. Many of the most popular and most viewed videos have custom thumbnails, according to statistics. Make sure you give your video a custom thumbnail. Think about how the viewer would view the thumbnail when creating it.

YouTube can only help you grow if you use the platform frequently. If you clicked on a video, think about what made you do so. View thumbnails of the videos by going to your watch history. You should also look at other popular videos in your niche and the channels of your competitors. Keep your thumbnails original enough so that people can identify your channel from the thumbnail alone so that you can try creating similar thumbnails to these videos.

Make sure that viewers are not misled. Because your video does not provide what people expected, the number of people who watch it will decrease. You will suffer from lower rankings and you will not be recommended by the YouTube algorithm to the people when your video has a low watch time.

If you have a loyal audience, you will receive a constant supply of views and likes. Interacting with your viewers and subscribers is one way to make them more engaged and loyal. Start talking to your viewers as soon as possible. Use your videos to speak directly to them. Be sure to read their comments and respond. In the event that you choose their suggestion, let them know your name. This is still done by many YouTubers.

Subscribers and viewers are often in touch with them. Subscribing makes them want to watch the videos regularly and interact with them so they can interact with you. You’re more likely to get a lot of views and likes on your channel if you make it seem like a community, and one of the ways to do this is by personally communicating with your viewers.

Staying relevant means posting regularly. Ensure that your audience gets hooked on your content by providing enough of it. It will be difficult for you to grow quickly if you post at huge and irregular intervals. YouTubers of all sizes post videos daily. Similarly, you can do it.

In order to become popular on YouTube, you have to upload good-quality videos and edit them well. You also must have entertaining content. Strategy and good content are key to being successful on YouTube, but you also need perseverance. By sticking with it and providing consistent efforts, the one who will rack up the views, likes, and subscribers will prevail.


You can acquire more credibility by buying likes for your YouTube videos. Your video can be viewed and engaged with more often by using it.

If you are looking for the best sites to buy YouTube views, use our list to find them, but remember that the most important aspect is your video content. Furthermore, organic growth should be the goal rather than relying on these services forever. You surely have a bright future on YouTube.

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