5 Digital Advertising Trends of 2021

Did you know that India has the second-fastest-growing advertising industry in Asia, after china? 

It isn’t entirely surprising that that is the case as in today’s scenario, when it comes to making your business remain competitive and stand out from the crowd, keeping up with the digital marketing trends is of utmost importance. It is what will give your business a cutting edge against other competitors. Furthermore, it also helps in staying relevant and relatable to the audience. 

1. Mobile-centric expertise to be the focus

 In 2021, Over 280 million folks are expected to be smartphone users. Specialists estimated that in 2020 the usage of mobile apps has enlarged by over 20%h and it’ll grow more on the back of deepening web penetration giving wider accessibility to smart devices. An IAB Mobile Advertising and Revenue report had estimated that roughly three-quarters of all web time (71%) on a mobile device is spent by users. As a consumer journey becomes way more dynamic in 2021, mobiles will become the key weapon for immediate gratification at a mere click of a button.

2.  Use of videos

In 2021, video promoting will be ruling the roost. Thanks to the interactive nature of videos, a website with video content drives 50x more views when compared to texting. Video educating customers on how-to, DIY visuals, among others, can influence and inform their purchase selections. 1-on-1 videos, live videos and 360-degree video are the most distinguished during this trend. This is something that the Brand marketing and advertising agencies have completely capitalised on. 

3. Automated bidding in Google ads

The feature of automated bidding in Google Ads is a revolutionary one. Even though automated bidding has been in the game since 2016, it is being estimated that after a few ensuing advancements and progress in the policies of Google, automated bidding will lead to better outcomes at cheaper rates in 2021. 

4. Targeted Advertising 

The younger demographic or the “Gen z”,as they are called populary, who consist of the current generation, seem to be the target audience for most businesses. The Gen Z has a familiarity with technology and it is because of them that these businesses have found it easier to shift to digital platforms. Most brands want to attract this specific demographic as it helps to increase the relatability quotient and that in turn leads to increase in business. Therefore, taking in consideration the targeted audience, it will be easier to keep up with the digital advertising trends. 

5. Chatbots

In the past year, it has been proven that Chatbots are surely a very smart marketing tool. In the year of the pandemic, when customers needed more assistance than ever, chatbots, using their artificial intelligence and their ability to learn with time have made an impact that is unremarkable. The easy accessibility and quality of service that have been brought to customers through Chatbots in these trying times have been amazing. 

Chatbots offer customised replies to a consumer after taking into account the journey of the consumer on the website. Which business domain chooses to utilise it, is completely immaterial. It depends on how well you plan on using it, effectively. 


Advertising is all about striking a chord of familiarity with people. Which is why Digital advertising and Digital advertising trends are leaving a rather permanent mark as advertising tools since the world is becoming more acquainted with e-commerce and its usage. Mobile centric advertising, videos, automated bidding, chatbots and targeting a specific audience are some of the key features that we discussed today. These trends are here to stay and change the face of advertising. 

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