Diving into ISP License requirements to know what it takes to start an ISP

ISP, has certain license requirements. Fulfilling these requirements is how you start an Internet Service Provider Company in India. As a business, starting an ISP can appear profitable to you. However, it’s also a one that involves a fair bit of risks.

Like choosing the wrong category for instance. If in a moment of over-excitement you decide to start a category A ISP without knowing the technical know how to provide internet to all the country, your business can fail. And if you underestimate yourself and just decide to start small, it’s a waste of your resources. LMPC certificate for import can help you to boost your business to new era.

So, what does it take to start an ISP in India the right way? For us, and hopefully for you, it’s the in depth look at the ISP license agreements that can help.

Procedure to obtain the ISP License in India

Let’s start by refreshing our minds of some basic steps of how to get ISP license in India.

  1. First, you need to calmly decide which type of ISP suits your financial and technical potential.
  2. Second, you need to give a legal infrastructure to your ISP business by registering it as a company.
  3. Then, you need to pass a resolution to file for ISP license.
  4. Afterwards, file the application via online mode with requirements attached to it.
  5. Get the letter of intent and obey it’s instructions.
  6. Get the final ISP License agreement format.
  7. Sign the ISP License agreement with a telecom service provider within a month of obtaining the said agreement.

Seeing the above seven steps, you’ll  notice their diverse nature. You can only meet your ISP license requirements if you fully involve an ISP license consultant in the above steps. From analyzing your financial and technical potential to establishing your company, the consultant will provide you more assistance than you realize.

Requirements for ISP License online registration

Following are the requirements, or as we should say, the required documents and the reason the Department asks for them during the ISP license online registration process:

  1. Certificate of incorporation: The Department prohibits any individual from applying for the ISP licenses. It demands that only business entities like companies apply for it. Presenting Certificate of incorporation establishes the identity of the applicant as your company.
  2. Memorandum of Association (MOA): MOA contains the objective of your company. If it clearly states that it is to provide Internet Services, only then you’re considered a worthy applicant by the DOT.
  3. List of directors of the company: This list provides an insight into the identities of the people running your ISP. The DOT runs a background check on them to see if any of them have a history that can make them unfit to apply for the license.
  4. List of shareholders of the company: By gleaning at the list of shareholders of your company, the DOT gets the idea of the beneficiaries of your business.
  5. Net worth Certificate of your company: An audited Net worth certificate of your company shows your financial capabilities to the DOT.

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Other requirements are as follows:

  1. Description of the services you want to provide
  2. Receipt of the ISP License fees.


Knowing is the first step of getting starting your ISP centre. Now you know what you require and all you need is our ISP license consultant to help you do the rest.

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