A Guide to Mastering Instagram Reels for Businesses & Creators

Instagram Reels

The use of social media is quite rampant today, and it has created a whole new career named influencer. They are a pretty influential factor in their followers’ purchasing decisions. They impact others through the posts, stories, or reels they upload on their social media platforms. Instagram keeps on adding features to its platform for enhancing the users’ experience and helping influencers get more ways to market the products. In the year 2020, Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram reels. Since then, it has gained attention and is now one of the popular features that account holders use, especially the creators, influencers, and businesses.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are short, entertaining videos that users can create on Instagram. The users can select the video duration between 15 secs to 60 secs. Instagram reels were launched as an alternative to the popular TikTok. Since the launch, it has gained popularity amongst users, and creators and businesses use this feature to promote the products and services.

After creating, you upload the reels. For a person with a private Instagram account, only their followers will be able to view the reels and comment on them. In contrast, a person with a public Instagram account will be able to share the reels with their followers and also with the larger Instagram community.

Here is a guide to making attractive Instagram reels that will help businesses and creators alike.

Creating the Reels

One of the ways you can access the Reels in Instagram is by clicking on the “+” icon on the top right side corner of your Instagram page. Click the icon, then slide over to the reels option, which will be at the bottom of your screen. There are three ways to create the reels.

  • Record the reels at one go
  • Record a series of clips and later merge it
  • Upload existing clips from your video gallery

Decide the length of the Reels

On the left side of your phone screen, you will find a circle with 15-seconds on it, press that circle, and it starts shuffling between 15 secs, 30 secs and 60 secs; these are the different durations available in Instagram reels. After selecting the desired duration, you can also speed up or slow down the clip as per the requirement of the reels from the speed icon on the left side of the screen.

Add the Timer for Recording

Now that the length of the video is decided, you should set the timer to start the recording. The timer feature helps the creator record the video effortlessly. The only thing you must do is first select the length of the video, then set the timer between 3-secs to 10-secs as per your choice. The objective of this feature is that you are not required to hold the record button for the entire recording duration.

Add Impactful Audio

The reels create a good impact when you use an efficient video editor website and incorporate music, and Instagram has made it easier for creators to select music from its library. If you are well-versed with what is trending or know the kind of music that will work for your reels, you can search and incorporate the desired audio through the search tab on the Instagram reels.

Insert Some Effects

It is advisable to insert the default Instagram effects from its list of options. Good effects seamlessly blend when you use the video editor websites and lift the video, which helps in attracting the viewers.

Add Caption and Hashtags

Add hashtags or captions to the reels after editing the reels and adding music, filters, and effects. Hashtags and captions help increase the viewers’ engagement and have proven that the right people will take notice of your reels. You can add up to 30 odd hashtags in one reel.

Take Care of the Instagram Algorithm

We all are aware of the Instagram algorithm on the posts and how it helps the creators; in the same way, the platform has an algorithm for reels. Although there is little clarity on how the reels algorithm works, Instagram supports the following types of reels content:

  • Tutorial videos
  • Motivational and Inspiring Videos
  • How-to-do Videos
  • Vertical Videos
  • Videos using the audios and music from the Instagram library
  • Entertaining videos
  • Creative Videos with suitable filters and effects

While videos that don’t meet the Instagram community guidelines, low-resolution videos, videos with watermarks, and text-heavy videos are examples that Instagram does not favor and will takedown.

How Should Businesses and Creators Use Instagram Reels?

Instagram was launched intending to connect people and grow their community. Business houses find this platform a perfect way to market their products with its ever-rising popularity. Businesses and creators have been using posts, reels, and stories for Instagram marketing purposes. With the launch of Instagram reels, they have another feature that will help them market their products and services.

Few suggestions to keep in mind while creating reels for business.

Showcase Your Products

You can advertise your products to the viewers; reels have tagging features wherein businesses can tag their handle directly. Then, the customers can click on the handle and go directly to the business page. 

There they can shop for the products they want, thereby helping the businesses increase the traffic towards their page and sales.

Create Unique Content Concerning the Products

Unique content always creates an impact on the viewers. So, create content with challenges, entertainingly explaining your products. Share educational content like how to study efficiently, beat procrastination, travel, and tips to get the best photographs using a mobile camera. The topics are endless, and slowly through your content, you will start getting noticed, which will help you in growing your followers.

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Within a year of launch, Instagram reels have gained massive popularity, and now more and more people are using reels for entertainment and business purposes. Surely, Instagram will add new effects and features to the reels to further help the businesses and creators promote the products and services and increase sales.

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