Top 20 Android Libraries for 2021

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Top 20 Android Libraries for 2021

Top 20 Android Libraries for 2021 – Android Library is named as a bunch of underlying usage of conduct, which incorporates nearly all that is needed for a designer to construct an app for Android-based gadgets. These are sent in programming languages alongside pre-composed codes, design information, documentation, message formats, asset records, source codes, to give some examples, in a very much characterized interface.

Android Library encourages developers’ to kill superfluous endeavors that are regularly capable while making an application from scratch. It aggregates records in Android Archive (AAR) document design, rather than Android Application Package (APK) record design, that is fit to contain C/C++ libraries, and can be utilized as reliance for an Android application module.

So, much the same as Captain America needs his shield and the Mighty Thor needs his Mjölnir, Android app developers will require Android Library to make dumbfounding applications for their clients.

Best Android Library options for 2021

With the dispatch of Android 11, numerous developers are anticipating numerous new highlights that can assist them with having a go-to device to fabricate the best Android-based applications.

Before we continue further, we should pen down a portion of current realities about Android. As indicated by Statista, the overall clients of Android arrived at 1.6 billion of every 2019. Besides, Android share in the portable business has arrived at 72.92% up until this point.

In view of our exploration, here are the main 20 Android Libraries that can assist developers with accomplishing their goals.

Dagger 2

Dagger 2 Android Library

Dagger 2 is quite possibly the most utilized reliance infusion systems. While a considerable lot of the systems fundamentally depend on XML that triggers execution issues during startup, in any event, while approving reliance issues during run-time, Dagger 2 deals with Java comment processors and assemble time to dissect conditions. It additionally disentangles admittance to shared occurrences, by creating codes that are not difficult to peruse and investigate.


Picasso is one of the mainstream names among developers for problem free reserving and stacking of images. Picasso deals with numerous entanglements, for example, programmed memory, encouraging complex image change with least memory, Image View reusing, and numerous others.


Retrofit Android Library

Retrofit is one of the engineer amicable libraries for any individual who has an organization solicitation to make. Retrofit is known as a kind safe REST customer as this keenly maps an API to a customer interface with the assistance of explanations. With the assistance of Retrofit, developers can exploit highlights, for example, choosing demand methods, manipulating endpoints and headers, adding query parameters, etc.


Timber is one library that permits the developers to learn and debug easily. This library has a great deal of capacities that can make logging exceptionally simple, without tagging logs physically as the logs are clear with the class and the tags come naturally.


Espresso is a trying structure library that encourages developers to run UI tests for various Android-based applications. This library allows developers to compose tests and furthermore help check whether the content of a Text View coordinates to different writings or not. It is additionally utilized for composing wonderful, dependable, and brief experiments for Android UIs.


Glide is another Android library that is utilized broadly for image and reserving, just as, sound stacking. This system is suggested straight by Google as it offers a lot of usefulness to developers like resizing images, video calls, translating, energized GIFs, and so on Glide likewise helps in making the looking of images more smooth and can likewise get, resize, and even showcase images distantly.


Zxing is a standardized tag examining library and is profoundly utilized for ordering a huge number of barcodes. Zxing is actualized in Java that ports to other programming languages, just as is being upheld by the 1D item, 1D modern and 2D barcodes.


CAMView is another library that goes under the standardized tag filtering classification. This is a simple camera access library with an inserted QR Scanner. This library has numerous helpful highlights to bring to the table, for example, checking barcodes through Zxing’s implicit unraveling motor and live video review feed through the gadget’s camera.

Bubble Navigation

This is a lightweight navigation-based library that helps developers in making alluring navigation bars alongside many redid choices for an intuitive and drawing in application.


ButterKnife Android Library

On the off chance that one is searching for the best view-restricting libraries, ButterKnife is the one to go for. Created by Jake Wharton, this library helps in relegating IDs, easily. As view-restricting is to some degree like reliance infusion, ButterKnife comments create standard codes that make it not the same as Dagger 2.

Android Data binding

When contrasted with ButterKnife, this view-binding library requires minimal utilization of Android Studio adaptation 1.3. It doesn’t utilize explanations as this permits developers to tie UI parts to data sources in the application. In this library, formats are characterized through the codes that require UI structure techniques.

Gravity View

This is a beautiful new idea that is presented for image shifting by means of gadget sensors. By using the movement sensors of an Android gadget, Gravity View offers admittance to its clients to play out a couple of capacities by pivoting their gadgets. To utilize this library, one must have an Android 3.0 or higher variant.


Stetho is one of the ‘refined’ libraries on the rundown. This Android library isn’t simply restricted to JavaScript Console or Database and Network reviews yet additionally offers admittance to Google Chrome Developer Tools includes that are essentially for Chrome work area program. Developers can likewise empower discretionary dump application apparatuses that offer a significant order line interface.



A Google-created Android media player library, that permits clients to play sound and video media with numerous adaptable highlights. In the present situation, ExoPlayer happens to be perhaps the most valuable libraries in portable app advancement.


Mixpanel is extraordinary compared to other paid examination libraries. When contrasted with Google Analytics, Mixpanel offers certain fundamental highlights free of charge, yet the redesigned adaptations will be chargeable which will assist developers with following distinctive client occasions, just as, the client’s whole excursion to the channel.

MP Android Chart

Searching for a library that is primarily utilized for drawing, graphic designing, or a chart viewer? MP Android Chart is the one to go for. This device chiefly bolsters line, bubble, bar, radar, pie, candle charts, and is likewise valuable for movement, scaling, and hauling.

Holo Graph Library

This is another library that is valuable for viewing graphs and charts on Android gadgets. As the upgraded one in the rundown, this is gradually acquiring ubiquity as it encourages developers to add all around designed graphs and charts to Android-based applications, alongside viewing various graphs, for example, BarGraph, PieGraph, LineGraph, and Multi-arrangement Donut-Graph.


Crashlytics is helpful in the Android Library that helps with revealing application crashes. It becomes intriguing and important in light of the fact that developers need to keep track in the event that any app crashes, and is should have been fixed on a pressing premise. Crashlytics can be implemented quickly as it doesn’t hold any additional data that causes the app to crash.


RxJava2 Android Library

RxJava is a favored decision with regards to the implementation of responsive programming. According to numerous Android app developers, this is viewed as ‘fantastic’ as it simplifies the cycle to chain async activities that open various ways regarding how the activity should function and furthermore have the option to feature specialized glitches as compared to different libraries.

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Robolectric is another unit-testing based library that upholds developers in dealing with expansion of asset stacking, views, and others. It keeps the running tests disengaged from different tests as this runs in a sandbox. It can likewise animate the Android SDKs for these tests by wiping out extra systems, for example, Mockito.


The above rundown of Android Libraries is deliberately chosen, remembering to cover all the zones in building up a modern and seriously captivating application for the end-clients. These Android Libraries offer some assistance to Android app developers to make a vigorous application in a lot lesser time and furthermore wipe out specialized troubles in testing, overseeing, and keeping up these apps.

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