AYUSH Certificate: Important facts that you should know

AYUSH Certificate

AYUSH ministry has been showing a lot of leniency when providing AYUSH certificate. However, there are many entrepreneurs that still believe that obtaining the license is difficult. On the other hand, there are business minded individuals that don’t understand the meaning of license. For them, any herbal products created at home needs AYUSH’s stamp of approval.

Why do people think this way? It’s not that the government hasn’t spread awareness about AYUSH certificate. In fact, you can hardly listen to news these days without the talk about AYUSH schemes one way or another. However, the written information about this certificate is so few and far in between that people get confused.

It’s time that we remove any such confusion.

Through this article, we are attempting what no other AYUSH certificate company has, we are combining all the important facts about the license you should know about.  

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AYUSH License is Not Needed For Only Selling AYUSH products

AYUSH Retail Licenseis a term that people are always searching for. Seeing it as a demand for the license, many companies are resorting to putting false information about the term. So what’s the false information about this “retail” license?

There is no such thing. Nowhere in the AYUSH guidelines it says that one needs to get a retain license to sell products. If that was true, every department store you see that sells Patanjali product would have the license. But alas, that’s not the case.

AYUSH retail license is a false term that people search for. And for the sake of presence in the search engine, companies have resorted to advertise it in their content. Even us, India’s premiere licensing company is at fault of such wrongdoing. We heartily apologize to you about that.

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There is No Such Thing as an AYUSH Certificate for Distribution

Much like the retail license, only mass distribution also doesn’t require an AYUSH license. If you’re not manufacturing the Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani or Homeopathy license, but merely selling the products associated with them, you do not need to obtain the AYUSH certificate.

Not all Home Made Products Made From Plants are AYUSH Certificate Products

When the AYUSH registration board think of AYUSH products, it thinks about alternative medicines whose effectiveness can be checked at labs and whose production is done at dedicated manufacturing plants.

However, many people have a misconception that the AYUSH license is valid for all home made products. From “nani maa ke nuskhe” to “bade bhaiya ke chaske”, we have continually received all kinds of bizarre calls about the license. Such products are not produced at factories, and are not tested in labs. Thus, they don’t come in the AYUSH product category.

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AYUSH Certificate is Not an Online Process

Everything from how you fill the AYUSH registration form to how you pay its fees is done in an offline mode. Even though the website exist where you can download the application, online procedure of obtaining AYUSH license is still absent. Thus, you’d need to down the FORM 24D to file the application.

Once you fill it, you’d have to physically pay the visit to the ministry to submit the application.

The Government AYUSH License Fee is Low

If you’re looking for a license that’s a low cost one, you would be happy to know that AYUSH registration fees is affordable and low. So, if you have the need to setup an AYUSH business, you can reach out to our consultants today if you wish.

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