BIS License Under CRS: Everything that you need to know

BIS License

The government of India wants to keep the citizens safe, even when they are using simple household products. That’s why, it set up Indian Standard Institute (ISI). Every product that is either imported to India or produced in here, has to live up to the standards specified by the ISI. if the product lives up to those standards, it gets BIS License.

With time, India was touched by more technological devices. It was near the end of first decade of the 21st century that Indian government decided to bring those devices under ISI rules. They created CRS or Compulsory Registration Scheme.

As per the provisions of CRS, every computer or Information technology good has to adhere to particular BIS standard before it can be imported, produced or sold in India. Simply put, if you’re an electronics manufacturer, getting BIS CRS license number for your product should be the first thing on your mind. Not how you’re going to launch your product.

Thus, through this article, we are going to tell you everything that there is to know about the BIS License.

What Types of Products Require BIS License Under Compulsory Registration Scheme

There are 49 products for which BIS license is compulsory under CRS scheme. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Video Games
  2. Laptops, Tablets or Notebooks
  3. Microwave Ovens
  4. Music Systems
  5. Printers
  6. Set top Box
  7. Video Monitors
  8. Scanners
  9. UPS Inverters
  10. Power Banks
  11. Smart card Readers
  12. Mobile Phones

Certain products given in the list above especially important to an Indian citizen in this day and age. Thus, knowing the BIS license details is the most important for the manufacturer and importers of these products.

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What are the rules around BIS registration that the importers and manufacturers must know about?

According to the fine points of BIS compulsory Registration Scheme, following are the rules that importers and manufacturers of electronic products need to know:

  1. Manufacturers of all the electronic and IT goods under the BIS scheme must apply for the BIS license.
  2. Every product has a different BIS CRS number based on the location it was produced at.
  3. Multiple brands require as many BIS licenses – one for each brand. It’s the case even if all of the brands are made at a single factory.

Steps to Obtain the BIS License

The conventional steps by which you can obtain the BIS license under CRS are as follows:

  1. Create a login on the BIS website
  2. Fill the online application form and upload the required documents.
  3. Among these documents will be a test report of the product. Don’t forget about it. And don’t forget that the test report has to be given to you by a BIS accredited lab.
  4. Submit the BIS License fees to finalize submitting the application.
  5. While your application is being process, keep an eye out for the license status. Any update that you will get keeping an eye on that would inform you if you have to take any measures to sort out any issues.
  6. If everything turns out to be as per the expectations and requirements of BIS, you’ll obtain BIS certificate 15 days after filing the application.


BIS License is an important permit for you if you wish to produce and sell any electronic product in the country. That being said, getting the license is something you don’t have to do on your own. Our consultants can assist you with this matter and every other compliances like BIS license renewal.

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