10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs That Can Improve Your Business

Successful Entrepreneurs

There are some business people who simply got ‘it’—they are bold, confident, successful yet humble and friendly. Are they born with their x-factor for business? Some yes and some no. Just like you, some successful entrepreneurs struggled to improve themselves and reach the levels of professionalism they are today. So what do these entrepreneurs who reached great business heights have in common and what qualities can you adopt in order to improve your business? 

Passion for Business

Entrepreneurs are driven by passion. Successful business people have a real love for what they do and this helps with their motivation and time dedication. Did you notice you lack passion for your business lately? Examine the meaning of your work and realize what kind of impact your business has on others. No matter how small your business is, it helps someone make their life easier, which is something that should keep you focused when times get tough. 

Creative Mind

Every startup and every organization starts with an idea. It’s crucial to find opportunities in things and do your best to innovate existing businesses. Successful entrepreneurs have habits that allow their creativity to flourish. To give your creative mind a safe space to develop, do creative things like listening to music, talking to people, reading, gardening, etc. Alan Varela suggests that do what inspires you and then let your imagination run free.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Good Organizational Skills

In business, good organizing is what keeps the show running on a daily basis. When there’s no plan, the loose strings would be everywhere, tripping people left and right. Good entrepreneurs strategize and plan, so they can come up with ideas on how to reach their goals. It’s also necessary to make a plan on how to use their resources and reach success with plenty of money in their pocket. And when you come across a crisis (and you will), your plan will come in very handy. Therefore, having strong organizational skills and planning abilities is crucial for any entrepreneur with big dreams. 

Confidence in Their Abilities

Entrepreneurs are confident beyond reality—they truly believe in their ideas and their success. Any doubts they have, they analyze and dismiss. Their confidence allows them to put in the work because they know they can achieve great things with their ideas. You can always rely on your confidence to get you through any challenge and take more risks, which contributes to success. To improve your confidence, try visualization and imagine yourself as the person on top of the business world. Affirmations are also very useful for confidence and anxiety because they change your point of view from negative to positive. You can also take useful leadership courses and gain a wider perspective and build business savvy. With knowledge on your side, it’s much easier to be confident in your work, so invest in education. 

Successful Entrepreneurs

Embracing Failure

It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to know how to make thought-out decisions and take risks, but also be comfortable with failure. Since almost 75% of all new businesses fail, it’s crucial to be aware of the failure and be ready to embrace it. There’s no use letting the fear of failure hold you back from trying. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and become better at what you do. 


Just because successful entrepreneurs are not scared to fail, it doesn’t mean they are comfortable with failing and giving up on their dreams. As mentioned above, failure is nothing but a learning opportunity that will allow you to improve. What makes successful people successful is their ability to learn from mistakes, continue improving, ask questions and push forward until they can fulfill their goals. 

Successful Entrepreneurs

Networking Skills

Many people think that networking is overrated, but it’s far from the truth. With networking, it’s possible to achieve your business goals easily and quickly. The ability to recognize business opportunities and potential business partners is the key to success. If you know how to approach people, you can access new resources, knowledge and skills that you and your business require. You can learn from others’ success and failure, promote your name and your brand and reach many new people that can benefit your business. 

If you think your networking skills need a bit of polishing, focus on building genuine relationships with people you meet. It’s okay to have business in mind when approaching people, but it’s also important to achieve a connection, similar to making friends. And don’t be hesitant to connect with people you think would benefit from each other. This will not only make you a very helpful human being but also put you on top of someone else’s list of good people who deserve to have the favor returned. 

Never-Ending Curiosity

There are many different organizational leaders with different sets of necessary skills, but what sets entrepreneurs apart is their sense of curiosity. A successful entrepreneur also needs to question things and be curious about new opportunities and answers. It’s always beneficial to ask difficult questions and explore opportunities no one else might have remembered. Entrepreneurship is a process of discovery which is simply not possible without curiosity and pursuit of new opportunities. Don’t let anyone stop you from challenging the status quo and pursuing new discoveries that might have slipped the mind of other business professionals. 

Successful Entrepreneurs

Ability to Adapt

The business world is always changing and morphing into something new and unknown, therefore, being an entrepreneur is a process of discovering surprises at every turn. It’s not possible to be ready for every possible scenario, but it’s possible to be adaptable. Good entrepreneurs know how to evaluate the situation quickly and remain flexible in order to keep their business afloat no matter the situation. 

Sharp Focus

For entrepreneurs, their goal is their king. They know what they want from their business, set a goal that’s achievable and start working to reach it. Successful business people use their focus to step over the boundaries and inspire others around them to do the same. If you lack focus, identify your goals, come up with a business plan, track your progress and stay committed to your goal. 

Being an entrepreneur requires you to juggle many balls, but if you have your entrepreneurial skills to rely on, you will manage to keep them all in the air and reach your professional goals in no time. 

Written by Brigitte Evans

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