Choose the Perfect Material for Glare-Free Step and Repeat Banners

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Nowadays, business owners prioritize traditional marketing over digital marketing for various reasons. Traditional marketing is more cost-effective and can generate the same results as digital marketing methods. Additionally, unlike digital marketing, traditional advertising targets relevant audiences for your brand.

As with traditional marketing, nothing can beat the effectiveness of step and repeat banners. If you’re planning to use traditional marketing to promote your brand offerings, you need to consider the step and repeat banners. They are perfect for large and small business owners aiming to promote their company at various marketing events, including trade shows, open houses, conferences, and other professional events. The step and repeat banners will make attendees notice your company with the proper color, size, and design.

Fundamentals of Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are gorgeous. You can notice them at promotional business events, from charity balls to red carpet walks. If you look closely, a step and repeat banner is made of multiple yet same business logos that are arranged in a particular pattern. Over the past couple of years, the design of the step and repeat banners has evolved. Nowadays, manufacturers combine their amazing design choices with patterns to ensure the proper effectiveness of the backdrops. Step and repeat banners are not self-promotional. Yet they are more elegant capable of attracting audiences.

When people take photos in front of the step and repeat banners, you will have a tremendous opportunity to boost the brand visibility to thousands of people. With the help of the step and repeat banner, you can display your company effectively. However, you need to ensure that the surface of the step and repeat banner doesn’t cause glare under the flash of the camera lights.

How to Make the Step and Repeat Banner Glare-Free?

One of the best ways to reduce camera glare is by choosing the perfect material for the step and repeat banners. You can select fabric materials as they are matte for these events. If the material of the banner is too glossy, it will cause glare under bright lights. This will affect the quality of the photos. However, when you choose fabric banners, the surface will be non-glare, and people can take pictures without any problem.

If you’re choosing vinyl banners, make sure you include white space between the business logos. This is another effective way to reduce glare.

Instead of using a white background, you can use subtle grey to reduce the glare. This way, the business logos will pop out, and you don’t need to worry about the glare problems. As per Small Business, the logo is one of the most critical factors.

The Design Should Look Smooth

While designing the step and repeat banner, make sure the pattern of the business logos is specific and even throughout the entire banner. If the pattern is not consistent, your step and repeat banner will look unattractive. Not to mention, the banners might also fail to promote your business.

While purchasing step and repeat banners make sure you always build a relationship with a reputed and professional manufacturing company. They will help you choose the perfect banner as per your requirements.


Step and repeat banners can promote your business effectively. However, don’t make mistakes while designing the banners. Additionally, pay close attention to the placement of the step and repeat banners.

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