Digital Marketing Career & Salary Package in India 2022

Digital Marketing Career

Are you looking for a job in India as a digital marketer? Excellent decision! The digital marketing scene in this city is continuously changing, and there are numerous job advancement chances. 

We’ll look at the fundamentals of digital marketing in this piece and some of the several career options accessible in India. Starting a career in digital marketing is something you should do at least once in your life because the demands are increasing. 

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Why should you take Digital Marketing as a Career?

The Internet era has arrived. There was a time when you would go to the market and buy a variety of products for various purposes in your life, such as:

Purchasing groceries and other necessities, Getting the Phone Bill, Paid Taking care of the electric bill, Making preparations for a vacation, Shopping for clothes & gifts.

Are you visiting various locations and spending enough time purchasing and planning these items?

No, the entire world is now at your fingertips! Everything is available on the internet, from paying bills to purchasing any product or service you may require in your daily life. People buy and sell things online using PCs, cell phones, tablets, and other devices. Will you still use the same mobile phones and PCs in ten years? Certainly not!

The key takeaway here is that everything is becoming digital, and people of all generations are being forced to become digital. Now it’s your choice to choose what is best for your future.

Why are Digital Marketing skills in Demand?

The demand for digital marketing abilities is high, and the digital skills gap will widen. The employment market is growing, and firms are focusing on digital marketing more than ever before.

Larger budgets, higher compensation, and more career choices are just a few of the benefits digital marketers can look forward to in the coming year and beyond.

Digital marketing salary in India.

Let us now turn our attention to India’s salary and career development discussion. We all know that people utilise Google, YouTube, and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected to the internet. So, it’s only common sense to figure out where to sell your goods and services. As a result, businesses are eager to establish an online presence. They’ll work on their websites and social media profiles, as well as engage with their customers. It’s the World of the Internet!

Because of the expanding number of internet users, businesses have turned to Digital Marketing to target their customers. As a result, the demand for digital marketing colleges, organisations, and specialists is growing.

digital marketing

We understand how demand for digital marketing specialists exceeds the number of supplies. We all know what occurs next in economic thought: the product’s value rises with its price. When you work in a productive area with a significant lack of skills, you may trust in yourself as a product and negotiate your compensation accordingly.

The significant competition for skilled personnel is exciting and valuable about the job market for digital specialists, regardless of sector.

This means that workers with the right skills can negotiate good salaries and earn tremendous benefits, including bonuses and incentives, based on their position.

The most popular and well-paid digital marketing designations to pursue for your future are listed below.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager:

To be considered for this position, you need not require an MBA. Many businesses continuously look for talented marketing executives to propel their brand to new heights. A digital marketing manager is responsible for guiding the entire marketing team through campaigns. To optimise their campaign, they frequently collaborate with various aspects of the organisation, including creatives, technology, and SEO.

A Digital Marketing Manager earns an average of 6.2 lakhs per year.

  1. Content Marketing Manager:

The content on the websites they manage is the responsibility of content marketing managers. This might apply to blogs, emails, campaigns, or public relations. There are no specific qualifications required for this respective position. Content managers collaborate with various digital marketing agency departments. However, they are most closely associated with the SEO and creative teams.

A Content Marketing Manager’s annual pay averages 10 lakh rupees.

  • Social Media Marketer:

Because of the fast expansion in the use of social media, there is a greater demand for people who understand the platform and can effectively market it. Social media marketing entails sharing owned content across multiple social media platforms. Running these paid ads on social media takes a lot of skill to get the information in front of the right audience. Add in the varying restrictions and features that each social platform has for ads, and it’s clear that knowing the ins and outs of these channels is required to use them effectively.

A Social Media Marketer’s average annual pay is Rs. 6,85,923 lakh.

  1. SEO Executive:

SEO has evolved into a critical component of digital marketing. SEO executives are responsible for ensuring that a website’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is as high as possible. This score reflects the number of individuals who locate these pages through search engines and create traffic for the website. Several courses are devoted to teaching people about the various aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

An SEO Executive’s annual pay averages 1 lakh rupees.

  1. Copywriter:

A copywriter collaborates with several departments inside the agency. They are in charge of all the copies on the website and the outcomes of those copies. Copywriters collaborate closely with the SEO team to improve the site’s rankings by refining searches and adding better ad copy to the pages.

These are just a few of the countless job opportunities in the digital world. The more one can grasp and comprehend the platform; the more options can be explored.

A copywriter’s average annual pay is Rs. 4,65,000 lakhs.


In the last few years, digital marketing has expanded at a breakneck pace that shows no signs of slowing down.

However, though the demand for people well versed with the Digi-sphere has increased, the number of professionals who understand the platform still do not match the demand. 

As such, there are many scopes to form one’s career in digital. Without any doubt, you can learn and earn well when you know digital marketing in more profound and hands-on practice that will lead you to touch the sky.

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digital marketing course

I hope you got clear insights about the digital marketing career in India in this article. Support and comment below, and we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading!

Author Bio – Karthikeyan Maruthai      

Karthikeyan Maruthai 

Karthik is a Digital Marketing Head at EchoVme Digital. He heads the development team, SEO team at echoVME, and a trainer at Digital Scholar.

He has been working in the development field for over a decade and is the go-to person for any SEO and tech-related queries.

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