EPR Certificate: All That You Need to Know

EPR Certificate

If you want to take one step towards becoming a producer of electronics, you need to obtain the authorization from Central Pollution Control Board; you’ll need the EPR Certificate.

What is EPR Certificate?

Well, there is not one definition that can be given to this mandatory requirement. So here are its different definitions:

  • It’s a mandatory requirement to produce and import electronic products.
  • It’s a responsibility to take care of electronic waste.
  • It’s a promise you make to keep the environment safe.

EPR Certificate: It’s a mandatory requirement to produce and import electronic products

If you’re an importer or a manufacturer of electronic products, then the government has decreed that you must take the responsibility of the electronic waste that your business generates. For that very purpose, you need to obtain the EPR registration through online means.

The process of EPR registration is as follows:

  • Analyse the EPR certificate format thoroughly to understand the requirements.
  • Fill the application form for EPR registration
  • Submit the required documents to the state level branch working under CPCB.
  • Get the documents and the application assessed properly.
  • Wait bas the auditor assesses your facilities of manufacturing or importing.
  • Get the EPR certificate if the assessment yields positive results.

Getting EPR registration online is not an optional thing. I can write about all the benefits of EPR certification that you can enjoy, but at the end of the day, you must obtain it because it’s mandatory as per the government laws.

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And the laws state that you can only be granted license if you provide the department the right set of documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation of your company if you’re a manufacturer
  • Import Export Code if you’re an importer of electronic products.
  • Your contact details
  • Your PAN details
  • The details of the person authorized to sign the application
  • Copy of the BIS license
  • ROHS compliance certificate
  • Recycler details
  • E waste estimation
  • Estimated budget on EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Awareness programs that you’ve launched
  • EPR Plan
  • Agreement copies of the agreements that you’ve signed with recyclers, dismantlers and collection centres
  • Website content of your company that focuses on e waste management.

EPR Certificate: A promise to take care of the electronic waste

As a holder of the EPR license, you need to take measures to ensure that no electronic waste that your manufacturing facility or your consumers generate goes to wastage. You have to take care of such electronic wastes by:

  • Recycling them, ir
  • Disposing of them

Recycling electronic waste has been gaining a lot of ground in recent years. It involves the following:

  • Collecting the e waste from customer homes
  • Bringing them in the collection centres
  • Transporting them to recycling plants
  • Dismantling them down to their components
  • Using magnets to separate plastic from metals
  • Using tools to separate different metals and minerals from the e waste.

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The different metals that you can after recycling can be used as materials for further production.

EPR Certificate: A way to protect the environment

With EPR certificate, you don’t just recycle the products and be done with your duties, you also need to make sure that people you serve or people that visit your website are made aware about e waste management.

EPR Certificate is Extended Producer Responsibility. Hence, you have to extend your E waste management responsibilities to your website’s visitors by providing them content that makes them aware of the plight of the environment.

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