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Nowadays, there is a growing list of audiobook applications that are available for android devices and other mobile platforms. Some are versatile and beautifully designed. Some provide advanced playback options, and some will have a built-in catalog of free audiobooks. Have you ever thought about how perfect the audiobook app is? There is always something missing or just the opposite. One feature is far that spoils the app’s performance, speed, or entire impression. Let’s see here are some lists of features of a perfect audiobook app.

It is Stable:

The most common issues are audiobooks. Having read certain reviews of audiobook apps for iOS and Android, you can say that performance problem happen more in audiobook players than in other apps. These apps either quit or stall while you hear to an audiobook. Therefore it should be the first priority for the app developers to fix stability so that the users of this app can listen to audiobooks without any disturbances.

It Provides Reading Speed Controls:

Some apps have these features, and it is best for help. While playing an audiobook, the user needs to either slow down or speed up the playback. Some of the best audiobook apps are excellent and thrilling that you impatiently wait to know what is next. The calming voice of the narrator becomes an obstacle you will desperately need to overcome. On the other side some users like audiobooks because of creating the entire world delve into. There is no need to hurry fast, just the opposite, and you will die for it. Most apps help to adjust the speed by 10 percent in both ways.

It Offers a Choice Between Streaming and Offline Playback:

Some people need to download the full audiobook for offline use. Others, those with tablets or phones that have limited internal memory, will prefer streaming. An app that downloads all the audiobooks for offline use is not great enough. The app that can play audiobooks if you are connected to the internet is not great enough. Best audiobook apps for Android will give the user control over which audiobooks to download and which to leave for streaming.

It Has a Sleeper Timer:

A little feature that will allow the user to set up the time after which the app will stop playing a book is very helpful for those who used to listen to the audiobooks before bed. The sleeping timer will be easily accessible and provide the simplest possible way to set up the time length.

It Should Support Android Auto or Car Play:

Many people used to listen to audiobooks because they spend more time behind the wheel, and the audiobooks will help to spend the trip in the best mood. And here comes not every iOS app supports car play, and not every android audiobook app supports android auto.

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Bottom Line:

Finally, are you interested in exploring audiobooks? Make sure to read the details mentioned above about the features of a perfect audiobook app that will help you more to decide how and where to get them.

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