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Since Covid-19 struck, many find themselves working or being educated from home. There’s no doubt times have changed, and so have our furniture needs. At one point home desks weren’t seen as a must-have furniture piece, but now they are a part of most orders when someone moves into a new space.

Even if you haven’t moved you probably are in need of a desk that has the proper storage for your needs. That’s why home desks with hutches have become popular. They are a great way to add vertical storage to your space, keeping the floor open for other furniture or moving around the desk easily.

If you are buying a full set then the hutch will match and mount easily onto the desk. But, if you have a desk you are not ready to part ways with, you can find a hutch that complements your current piece.

If you have children of any age that are attending school from home, a hutch gives them plenty of storage options for their schoolwork. Although much of it is done on the computer, there may be times they want to jot down quick notes for reference.

If you’re a social media personality, you want a space where you can go live and talk to your followers. The hutch can hold any additional recording equipment you use to communicate. You can also store hardcopy files of contracts for endorsements you have in your hutch.

Working from home means you need room for paperwork, binders, and other items necessary for you to do your job. A hutch will keep everything organized neatly so you can easily access reports when on video conference calls.

A hutch not only adds storage but also brings a decorative element to the space. Because it takes up wall space, it makes the room feel fuller as well. You want to be sure you don’t get a piece that overwhelms but complements the mood of the room. That’s why it’s important to take the proper measurements.

Make sure you leave enough space between the desk surface and ceiling as you don’t want a hutch that’s too tall. It will give the room an aggressive and cluttered feel. You also want to leave enough room between the desk’s top and the bottom of the hutch to ensure you have enough space to get your work done comfortably.

Also, check the width of the hutch so it fits the desk perfectly. Another thing to keep in mind is how the hutch will mount to your desk. Check the hardware and whether you need to buy additional pieces to place the hutch securely on top of the desk. The last thing you want is an unsecured hutch that becomes weighed down with items and tips over. Remember that safety is first.

Get a desk with hutch attached at 1StopBedrooms. You’re sure to find one just right for your household’s needs.

When it comes to the hutch’s design there are features to look for that will make the use of the desk easier. One is lighting. Often, a hutch over the desk dims the light the desk receives. That’s why a hutch with lighting incorporated into the design would be a good fit.

Another feature to keep an eye out for are locks. You can find hutches with drawers or cabinets that lock, giving your documents the privacy they need. Adjustable shelves are a way to adapt your storage needs over time. You can change the heights depending on what items you keep in the hutch.

Sliding cabinet doors are another cool feature that brings the piece to life. Tack boards come in handy when you want to keep notes front and center as you work.

Wood is the most popular material used when constructing furniture and the same is true of hutches. This allows them to come in an abundance of colors to match the desk you have now. Dark woods, light woods, shades of gray, black, and more are available for purchase.

You can also find hutches with glass panels giving you a peek into the cabinets. Brass and other metals used for the handles and knobs add a touch of class to the piece. Detailed carvings also give the hutch character.

The different styles on hand will blend well with the other furniture in the room. Whether the feel you’re going for is classic, coastal, or modern, there is a hutch to match the vibe. If you think the purchase is just not in your budget right now, you have the ability to finance your order. That way you can make small monthly payments without straining your personal finances.

There is also a low-cost price-match guarantee that is sure to make your purchase worth every penny. If you find the same desk and hutch being offered at a lower price, contact customer service with the necessary details and they will adjust the cost of your order.

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If you run into any trouble deciding on a design style or which hutch will function best in your space, reach out to one of the professional design specialists. You are provided a free consultation from one of these non-commissioned designers who are here to help you through the process. Any questions you have about the furniture’s integrity, durability, or mechanisms can be answered by them.

They’ll help you find a hutch or hutches that mesh well with the desks you already own, and because they are not paid for their recommendations, you can be confident that their suggestions are solely based on the information you give them. Their only desire is to make sure you are satisfied with your hutch and your shopping experience.

So visit the website today and explore the options by using the convenient filter to narrow down your results. Search by brand, color, style, material, product type, and price. There’s no doubt you will leave the site with your new hutch on its way.

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