How iBeacon App Development Can Maximize Your Business ROI

iBeacon App Development

Beacon is one of the trendiest technologies known for providing great business benefits. In 2013, the Apple Inc. introduced iBeacon as a unique feature of its new iOS platform that would give applications a new level of nearby location awareness. Since its inception, every iOS mobile app development company is shifting its focus on delivering iBeacon app development services. 

Knowing the significant benefits of iBeacon, businesses from different sectors want to reap those benefits. If you’re looking to invest in an iBeacon app development company, here’s an insight into how and where you can implement this new technology to boost your business ROI. 

How an iBeacon Works

iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low-Energy technology and this technology is popularly known as Bluetooth Smart. iBeacon technology uses Bluetooth low-energy proximity sensing to transmit a universally unique identifier (UUID) that is chosen by a supported app or an operating system. You start receiving push notifications and alerts when you reach or depart from a location with an iBeacon. This exceptional service is used for tracking a place and measuring your proximity to an iBeacon. 

An interesting fact about beacons is that they are not developed by Apple. Rather, they are created by third-party manufacturers including BlueSense, BlueCats, Estimote, Qualcomm, etc. They all must have a license for developing beacons under the MFi Program. 

Is It Difficult to Implement iBeacon Technology

iBeacon originated with iOS 7 and is compatible with devices like iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3rd gen and onwards, iPad mini, and iPod 5th gen or later. Furthermore, the same BLE technology also supports the Android 4.3 version and above.

In 2014, the implementation of iBeacon technology started in US retail stores, airports, and other places. As a business owner, you understand the importance of iBeacon app development, and also that it is not at all difficult to implement this advanced technology to increase your ROI.

How iBeacon App Development Can Benefit Businesses

If you own a business and you’re looking to unlock the full potential of the iBeacon technology, here are some of the ways it can help you maximize your business ROI.

  • iBeacon Apps for Retail Stores

iBeacon apps are very popular in the retail industry as they help users to check out product details, or information about special offers or sales events.

As soon as customers enter the store, the iBeacons app detects their devices and asks users if they would like to purchase the latest products.

  • iBeacons Integrated with LED Lights

Philips and General Electric began introducing LED lights with Bluetooth Low Energy. It seems that retailers love these all-new low-energy lights because they reduce the cost of power.

Moreover, customers using a companion app while entering stores don’t need to ask anyone around where they can find a particular product. Thanks to the beacons’ communication via their smartphones, they know exactly where the item is placed on the store’s map.

  • iBeacon App Solutions for Travel

Travelers using an Android or iOS device receive useful alerts based on their location. These notifications may be about tourist places they can visit, nearby restaurants or eateries, or budget accommodations where they can stay overnight.

Furthermore, customers will start receiving notifications related to special offers and deals as soon as they check in at a hotel. 

Additionally, many budget companies are leveraging iBeacon apps to connect with customers in airports and remind them to show their passports or follow other guidelines issued by the airport management.

  • iBeacon Apps for Entertainment Purposes

Customers playing their favorite games in a shop can receive virtual rewards. Also, when mobile users pass by a cinema, they can receive information about what is being played and if they are lucky, they might win free gift vouchers.

Furthermore, music agencies or magazines can partner with public or private transportations so that before they board a plane or train, they will receive alerts on what music artists they can listen to or what articles they can read.

  • iBeacon Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Beacons help users get better traffic estimations and predictions. Or, they can unlock their vehicles and perform similar tasks through additional software such as Silvercar.

  • iBeacon Applications for Personal Needs

Sometimes users may forget to take out the trash can and they always need someone who can remind them to do so. By integrating a beacon to the trash can and setting a reminder to take it out daily, at a specified time, the food waste will no longer be left for days and rot in the trash.

iBeacon apps can also remind users to take their umbrellas when going out if it pours that day. Also, when they are at home, they don’t need to switch on the lights manually as beacons will turn them on.

  • iBeacons for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels can benefit a lot from iBeacon app development. They can place the beacons strategically on locations around the property, and when they beam low-energy Bluetooth signal, users will get a notification on a special offer, or request and gather information from the application. Basically, these are the information push notifications triggered by the signal.

  • iBeacons for Mobile Payments

iBeacon technology has the potential to revolutionize mCommerce. There are assumptions that the combination of iBeacon and Passbook will allow you to send a coupon while being in a shop and buy items without communicating with the sales executive. 

At present, PayPal is developing its own PayPal Beacon technology that will enable customers to check in and pay for goods through the PayPal account on their phones.

  • iBeacons for Smooth Navigation Purposes

iBeacon app development can serve navigation purposes. For example, large shopping malls can install beacons at different locations and can help customers to navigate efficiently to find the products they are looking for. 

Moreover, beacon solutions can help navigate through the door and help users explore things they need. The airport management can place iBeacon apps in different areas for navigational purposes.

  • iBeacons Integrated with Big Data

The integration of beacons with Big Data can deliver significant benefits for companies. Retailers and other businesses can gain valuable insights into what their customers are up to, what their purchase pattern is, or what products they buy daily. They can monitor customer data and send personalized messages and promotions to their customers. 

On the other hand, customers benefit from the relevant and better deals and effectively use them.

So, these were some of the use cases of iBeacon solutions that are revolutionizing virtually all business sectors. If you’re looking to implement this amazing technology into your business operations, you should approach an experienced iBeacon app development company to reap the benefits. The professionals can deliver best-fit iBeacon solutions that will boost your business ROI significantly.

Final Note

iBeacon technology has played a vital role in improving customer engagement. Hence, iBeacon app development has truly changed the way how businesses and brands communicate with their customers. Moreover, iBeacons help deliver personalized experiences to customers and let them feel special. Thus, we can say that iBeacon app development is a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.  

Small-medium businesses can harness the power of iBeacon solutions to boost their sales, customer base, and brand awareness. If you want to get the most of this cutting-edge technology, you should consider working with a professional mobile app development company that can deliver robust iBeacon solutions for your business.

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