How to Accelerate Your Career in Writing

career in writing

Content writing is a fast-growing industry and one of the most popular career choices these days. However, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to secure a place in the industry. It requires creativity and skill, but there are many platforms to learn how to write. There are online courses available to help you learn how to write from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

This article covers many more questions you may have about career options in content writing. And remember, content writing covers many different industries, so your niche may lie in one covered below.

Corporate Writing

Corporate writing involves technical writing, business writing, and copywriting. It can be fulfilling, plus it gives you the experience of working in a corporate setting. The job of a corporate writer is admirable and also pays well. You may also quickly find your niche while writing for business. There is also potential for enormous growth in the field of corporate content writing.

Publish Your Book

Becoming a published author is one of the many goals of a writer. Getting published gives you confidence. Nowadays, it is easy to publish a book; you can even self-publish a book on Amazon Kindle. It will also allow you to earn. There are many writers on Amazon Kindle that are earning good money self-publishing. Once you have written your book, you may want to invest in digital marketing to target your desired audience and help promote your book.

Freelance Writer

Freelancing is a popular choice among many writers these days. Freelance is highly sought after for writers as they can work from the comfort of their own homes. For some projects, they may even decide their deadlines themselves. The work is flexible and provides a degree of independence for the writer. A freelance writer can earn a variable amount of money depending on how much time and effort they can freelance. If you are doing this as a part-time job, it may be difficult in terms of time management. However, with proper time management and realistic expectations, you can start to create a routine. If you have an internet connection like 1st Broadband, you can find your first project and get started.

Write for Companies

As the name suggests, full-time writers choose to work for a company. Company writing can be challenging, but it can also be an exciting role, especially if you are passionate about your work. The best part about this kind of job is that you are paid a salary, unlike a freelance writer or a published author. So the income is consistent, which makes it easy a little less stressful. This job also has growth opportunities as there is a growing demand for writers in this industry, and content writing is an emerging field.

Online Demand

You can also choose to work in online industries as the demand for writers has increased with the exponential growth of the internet. If your resume has limited educational qualifications but more experience, you may be an ideal fit for most employers, Update your resume quickly with a resume template.  Here are a few industries that actively look for a writer to grow through on the job experience:

Information Technology

One of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. is the IT industry. However, as much as they grow in innovation and research, they need writers who can write for their companies based on what the client wants. They require technical writers who can draft instruction booklets and user guides. Writers are also needed to help to bridge gaps in communication between the company and customers. They break down complex ideas into simple sentences using conversational vocabulary instead of industry jargon that a non-specialist can’t easily understand.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another emerging field that offers significant growth potential for writers. Digital marketing is an exciting field for writers because it provides insights into marketing.  You may get a chance to write, develop and edit content. Digital marketers write for blogs, emails, websites, and other publications. If you also know SEO, it may be a plus for your employer, as this drives traffic for the business website.


E-commerce is a vast industry and has grown more since the pandemic. E-commerce businesses usually require writers to review products and write content based on the features and specifications of the products. Many customers buy the products based on the descriptions and reviews, so if a writer can create quality content, it can attract customers. Many writers in e-commerce do extensive research before they write reviews and descriptions. They also research competitors’ websites and suggest innovative and new ideas to market their company’s products.

Final Thoughts

These are a few options you can consider if you want to accelerate your career in writing. There are many opportunities in many industries if you keep working hard and keep looking for opportunities.

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