How to Choose Your SEO Team

SEO Team

Finding the right team members to keep your SEO strategies up to date is essential to staying relevant in the business world. Knowing who you’re looking for and where to start looking, you can find reliable enterprise SEO companies to change your online presence dynamically.

Before you launch the next phase of your business, we’ll help you identify what you should be looking for in your SEO dream team.

What’s So Important about SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of the success of any online business. Every business seeking to grow its online presence should aim to optimize its website to draw attention, rank higher in organic search results, and provide relevant information to users. A good SEO strategy involves the following steps:

  • Identifying what users need
  • Creating content to suit user interest
  • Optimizing web design for better placement in the algorithm

In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever, and choosing a team of SEO experts will gear you toward success in your business ventures.

Choosing the Best SEO Service for Your Business

Entrusting the growth and management of your online presence to an SEO service or a team of qualified individuals is a daunting but essential step. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind when you’re selecting the right SEO team.

  1. Consider the company’s relevance
  2. Check references and reviews
  3. Learn how they integrate SEO strategies
  4. Investigate their social media presence


The first thing you should consider when putting together your SEO team is how relevant the individual or service is to your business goals. 

Doing so can help you rule out many unsuitable candidates right off the bat. For example, if your goal is to create a website focused on French Bulldogs, then you’ll ideally want to find SEO team members who already have some experience.

For example, a website designer with an SEO background whose already done projects for a puppy daycare would be a much better team member than a designer who creates websites for computer threat monitoring services.

A good SEO team member will not only be mindful of your business goals, budget, and resources, but they should also have interests or experiences that align with your own.

References and Reviews 

Another critical factor in choosing the right members for your SEO team is credibility. There are countless SEO services and self-proclaimed professionals, but not all of them are worth your time. A candidate or service’s reputation in the market is a good indicator of their trustworthiness and credibility. 

For example, a candidate with a fleshed-out and relevant LinkedIn profile is worth higher consideration than an individual or service without any positive feedback on their work or references to their education.

A service or individual who has put the time into beefing up their online presence will likely do the same for you, making them a valuable addition to your SEO team.

If you want to go the extra mile looking into an SEO service, you can rely on the Better Business Bureau’s website to look up the company, see its rating, and view customer feedback. Doing so gives you a great snapshot of their ethical standards and work ethic.

Ethics is an integral part of SEO strategies that you might have yet to consider. There’s undoubtedly an unethical way to get to the top of the Google lists, but the issue is that once the algorithm is updated to address these loopholes, websites using them are highly penalized. As such, your SEO team must be committed to long-term success, not manipulating the algorithm in the short term.


It’s always good to think ahead about your SEO team’s strategies, including discussing your business goals, budget, timeline, and individual expectations.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to coordinate and enable your SEO team to succeed in their various roles. Before you make your first hire, it’s worth your time to look at their portfolio and prior case studies. 

These data points speak volumes about the potential member’s style—not to mention the results their prior clients have seen. 

Additionally, if you have a particular SEO strategy you’d like to implement, quiz your potential hire on how they would approach the challenge. You might consider asking the following questions when assessing a candidate’s strategic importance to your team:

  • Would you be able to implement pay-per-click SEO into my website?
  • How would you change the webpage design to improve SEO?
  • What would your strategy be to introduce a social media element to the business?

Social Media Presence 

Chances are that if an SEO service or individual is worth their salt, they’ll have put some time towards boosting their own social media presence. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What sort of content do they put out?

  • What tone does it invoke?

  • What are their elevated priorities within their social media posts?

These questions can help you assess whether their ‘tone’ matches the spirit of your business and, as such, whether they’d be a suitable member of your SEO team.

It’s also a good reference for their mechanical skill. A good SEO team is adept at operating the machinery on the back end of a website and should also be fluent in showmanship to some degree. 

Of course, the creative direction of your SEO strategy is in your wheelhouse as the proverbial engine behind the team, but reviewing your future SEO team’s current social media strategies is a good indicator of what work they can offer in the future.

The Bottom Line

There’s just no getting away from it—whether you’re seeking enterprise and business-level SEO or getting technical with medical SEO, these strategies are vital for any business seeking a solid online presence. Your SEO team can make or break this attempt, so choosing a quality agency or talented individual team members is integral to expanding your online presence. 

The best candidates will have experience relevant to your needs, a reputable background, strategies to boost your business, and a solid social media presence. These pillars make an SEO team a cohesive driving force to improve your business. With the right team, there’s no limit to what your business can achieve.

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