How to Double Your Subscribers Easily

YouTube is a highly engaging platform with many well-established creators commanding an army of subscribers. According to Statista, 500 hours of content get uploaded every minute. So much competition demotivates budding creators. But what if there was a way to get subscriber and skyrocket to popularity

One way can be to buy YouTube subscribers legit from an authentic provider. You will receive real subscribers who will provide high-quality engagement to your channel.

But if you are looking for a more organic way that will guarantee subscribers in the long run, look no further. We have compiled a list of steps that will help your channel grow.

In this blog, I decided to share with you my top 4 ways in which you can double the number of subscribers easily:

  1. Create valuable content to increase your subscribers.
  2. Gain legit YouTube subscribers by posting regularly
  3. Focus on video optimization for gaining organic subscribers
  4. Buy real YouTube subscribers

Let’s discuss this one-by-one!

1.    Create valuable content to increase your subscribers

·        Create videos that give value

High-quality videos are not the main priority, but they can be helpful after a certain point.  You have already done a good job if your videos provide information that your viewers need. Focus on quality production once you start getting returns from your videos. When you deliver your message, if what you are saying is hard to understand, your viewers will get bored. Invest in an external microphone to produce better sound. Equip yourself with a good quality camera, editing software, and lighting equipment so that your viewers find it easier to watch your content.

·        Evergreen content creation

Evergreen videos produced today were as relevant in the past as they will be in the future; such videos are great to ensure more subscribers in the future as viewers would still be searching 5-10 years from now. When you find your niche, check out ways to create videos that will withstand the test of time. If it is challenging to get evergreen ideas, creating ‘how-to’ videos can help gain organic YouTube subscribers.

·        Create short videos

At times YouTubers fall short of inspiration for their new content. One solution would be to divide longer videos into shorter ones. Short videos are important because they introduce viewers to your channel with a glimpse of the content you produce. Hubspot stated that 2 minutes is the optimal watch time for the YouTube audience. New viewers to your channel may be reluctant to watch lengthy content. Suppose you have created a long video on a topic that covers many points. Consider breaking up the footage into short videos covering the key attributes. Share your short videos on other social media platforms.

2.    Gain legit YouTube subscribers by posting regularly

·        Consistent posting for More Views

Producing and posting fresh content is crucial and an overwhelming task required to grow a YouTube channel. Your competitors are uploading new content; To remain relevant, you have to be consistent in your posting habits. You are less likely to gain organic YouTube subscribers if you are not consistent in your video uploads. Continuous posting gives new viewers a reason to become your subscribers. Plan a posting schedule and stick to it; allocate adequate time between the latest and upcoming video.

·        Posting frequency

A good start would be to monitor your competitors, analyze their posting behavior, and get the better of them by posting more frequently. Suppose your competitors are posting content two times a week; try and one-up them by aiming to post three times a week. Be regular in your social media marketing campaigns. Posting on social media will keep the viewers informed about your new content, resulting in more views and engagement to your content.

3.    Focus on video optimization to gain organic YouTube subscribers

Look for your audience’s search term. Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends are tools you can use to find your target keywords. Another option is the search feature of YouTube which provides keyword suggestions. These are the keywords that the network users use. Youtube is the second largest search engine, so you know the data provided is relevant.

·        Optimize videos for increased Subscribers

You may have created the best video in your niche. But your viewer has to click on your video to become your subscriber. Additionally, when your video starts showing up in the search results, you will immediately receive competition from other videos. So what can you do to drive searcher attention towards your content?

Focus on optimizing your – Headline, Thumbnail, and description for viewers and YouTube.

a)      Headline

It would help if you placed your targeted keyword in the Title; When the viewer’s search term matches your video title, This will indicate that the information viewers are looking for can be found in your video. But avoid keyword stuffing; this could harm positive engagement.

b)      Description

YouTube will use the information you provide in this section to understand your content; users usually read the first few lines; make sure that all necessary information is available at the start. YouTube has allocated ample space here; hence, a description can have a keyword used in the Title and other related keywords. Doing so helps the YouTube algorithm to rank your video.

c)       Thumbnail

Before making a thumbnail, there are Some points that you should consider. The First will be to provide a picture that hints at the content. You can also consider using a picture of a person. Next, include Text while creating a video thumbnail so that your thumbnail attracts viewers’ attention. Thumbnail provides a quick insight into your content; You must put extra effort into creating a good thumbnail.

4.    Buy real YouTube subscribers

·        To Grow Your Channel

More emphasis is given to subscribers when ranking a channel. More number of subscribers means increased engagement through watch time, likes, and shares. Many channels purchase subscribers to get ahead of their competition. YouTube algorithm looks to boost the discoverability of channels that boast subscribers from one hundred thousand to one million and above.

·        Social Proof

When you buy YouTube subscribers – engagement to your channel will increase.  The more views you have, the more substantial influence you will have on your channel’s new arrivals. Think about it, a video that has fewer views will attract a few other audiences. In contrast, a video that boasts a large number of views will manage to pull a large audience.

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