How to Get a Lot of Likes on Facebook?

How to Get a Lot of Likes on Facebook?

You are always likely to be told, “Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook” at least once a day. Now, you must be wondering why everyone wants to get Facebook likes so badly. Let me tell you today! Facebook likes are the modern form of currency! 

They determine how visible, influential, and reliable you are on this platform. And let’s not forget that Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, with over 1 billion active users. So, it means if you build your social presence on this platform, many people will see and interact with your content.

In fact, it makes sense why every brand and content creator wants to build a large and engaged Facebook audience. A robust Facebook presence opens doors to partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities for growth. That said, this article will share nine actionable tips on how to get a lot of likes on Facebook.

9 Proven Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

There are a lot of fad tips out there when it comes to getting likes on Facebook. That’s why below I’ve compiled these tried and tested strategies that actually work.

1) Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook Likes

If you want to quickly boost your social proof and visibility on Facebook, buying Facebook likes can be a good option. Media Mister offers a seamless and hassle-free solution for purchasing likes that is also secure. You can enjoy benefits such as 100% authentic likes from genuine accounts, which ensures credibility and engagement.

Additionally, the likes you purchase will have a high retention rate, which means they will stay intact for prolonged visibility. Media Mister’s secure payment options and money-back guarantee make sure that you can have a risk-free transaction.

If you are looking to effortlessly elevate your Facebook presence, then Media Mister’s reliable services can help you achieve your goals.

2) Find Your Niche

Most people on Facebook want to join communities with people who have shared interests. One way to take advantage of this is by finding your unique audience that shares your specific interests, whether it’s fashion, travel, or fitness.

Identifying your niche community will help you expand your reach to people who actually care about the things you post. This will also help you determine the kind of content you should share more on your page.

To find your niche, start by analyzing your existing audience’s insights and interacting with your followers more. That way, you will be able to understand their preferences better and create content that resonates with them deeply.  

3) Create Shareable Content

Entertaining content will attract people to your page, but it’s a value that will keep them long-term. That said, don’t shy away from posting shareable content like memes, jokes, and funny pictures. This is the best way to draw people in and hook them.

Instead of making a long-complicated infographic. How about you share a funny meme and couple it up with valuable information in the caption? You will make your audience laugh and teach them something at the same time.

In addition to that, make sure your posts evoke some sort of emotion in your audience. And most importantly, don’t forget the visuals. A couple of videos and images here and there will improve the appeal of your posts and encourage sharing.

4) Post Regularly at the Right Time

If you want a lot of likes and engagement on your posts, then consistency is important. It keeps your Facebook audience engaged and makes them come back for more. In addition, making frequent postings promotes trust and keeps your brand in the minds of people.

Know when to post by studying the behavior of your audience and using platform insights. Experiment with different posting schedules to establish when your audience is most active and receptive. 

By adapting to the Facebook algorithm’s preferences and posting at the times when your audience is most active, you increase the chances of your posts appearing in their newsfeeds. This can lead to more natural engagement and interactions with your audience.

5) Reply to Every Comment on Your Post

The moment you present yourself online and start building a following, people will want to engage with you whether you like it or not. The same thing happens with pop stars and celebrities.

So, they would, of course, want to tell their friends and family all about it if you take the time to respond to their comments. That, in turn, spreads the word about your Facebook profile to more people who will want to like, comment, and share your posts. 

With that in mind, take time to acknowledge every comment on your post. It could be something as simple as a thank you. That will show your audience that you value their input. You can even encourage the conversation by asking follow-up questions or answering their questions.

6) Invite People to Like

Most of the time, people will see a post, enjoy it but move on without interacting with it in any way. They don’t like, comment, or share. In such a case, it would really help if you just be bold and invite people to like your post.

Send personalized invitations directly through Facebook’s “Invite Friends” feature to friends, family, and acquaintances who are likely to support your content. Choose the option to invite people who have interacted with your post in the past.

Additionally, you can try to be active in Facebook groups and communities. Offer valuable information in the groups from time to time. Then, one day, subtly ask the members to check out your posts and engage with them.

7) Use Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads is also another way to get more likes on Facebook. It is a very potent tool to make it possible for you to expand your reach and have many likes on your page. 

Ads with precise targeting options allow you to tailor them so that they can reach a specific demographic, interest, or behavior, thus ensuring that the correct audience receives your content.

Start with a low budget and slowly increase it as you optimize your ad strategy. Test different ad forms like carousel ads, video ads, or boosted posts to find what resonates best with your audience.

8) Go Live on Facebook

You will be surprised to learn that most of the viral videos we see on Facebook are from live sessions. If you are trying to build your presence on the platform, Facebook Live might get you the results you want.

To make the most of the Live sessions, make sure you plan your sessions in advance. Choose topics that will likely get people fired up and tell them in advance to build anticipation. And when the day comes, encourage the viewers to participate by asking questions live and addressing the comments.

After the Live, you can extract some snippets and share them as posts on your profile. People who really enjoyed the Live won’t hesitate the like and share with their friends. That will generally increase your profile’s visibility.

9) Cross-promote on Social Networks

If you have an audience on other social media sites, you can use this to direct traffic to your Facebook profile. Most of the people on Facebook will also be active on other platforms.

Drop teasers or spread tidbits of your Facebook posts on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That will build curiosity and entice people to want to see the full post on your Facebook page.

You can also share exclusive content or updates on Facebook and tell your followers on the other platform to catch the updates on Facebook. That will boost your content’s visibility and attract more likes from diverse audiences.


Facebook has experienced some big changes in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it is not the same popular platform. It still remains the top social platform to date, and it has a monthly audience of 2.60 billion.

That’s a huge audience just waiting to connect with you! So, put these tips into practice and see how successful you can be on Facebook! You will get more likes on your posts and build a dedicated following.

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