How to Make Money with Amazon in 2021?

Making money online

Make money online in the present-day scenario is becoming easier with many great opportunities. Amazon is one of those greatest opportunities.

The sell online make money is taking a sharp edge and becoming promoted. Online money-making doesn’t get any bigger without using Amazon. Many entrepreneurs are seeking various ways to earn an income, for Amazon fans, it’s a great way to take the initiative.

Amazon offers different ways to make money and you would be surprised to know about them. In this article, we will be looking around at some great ways to make money with Amazon in 2021.

Let’s start!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon is one of the effective ways to make money. It is one of the most direct ways to make significant money without selling anything on the Amazon store.

Making money online

The affiliate marketing plan helps you monetize your traffic if you are a blogger or an influencer. Amazon’s affiliate marketing is a great opportunity in the money-making world. If you have a good reach online, you are a perfect fit for this regime. All you need to do is, suggest products on the Amazon store that can attract your audience.


  • Allows making money without selling anything.
  • Convenient to initiate and maintain.
  • You need good followings on social media accounts (Influencer or blogger)

Try Amazon Handmade

Did you know about Amazon Handmade? If no, then don’t worry we are here to guide you.

Amazon handmade is a great place to sell handmade goods as an Amazon store setup. You can sell handmade accessories, your artistic work, or any of your creativity online. The best part is that it gives you a custom URL to make your tracking convenient. Just pay $39.99 a month to attain a professional selling account and you are all set to sell your products.


  • Good opportunity for creators out there
  • No payment to be made on Amazon until you start earning from the platform
  • You receive a custom URL which can be convenient for users to track amongst million others.

Merch by Amazon

Did you know you can sell your designs through Amazon Merch? Well, yes that’s right! Amazon Merch allows you to reach millions of customers across the globe with null investments.

Merch by Amazon

All you have to do is, simply upload your artwork, choose a product type, choose a color and add a description. The product page will be created by Amazon. You don’t have to worry about the shipping hassle because it will be handled by Amazon only. All this requires no extra costings which is a plus for you. Without further investments, you can earn good money. So what are you waiting for?


  • You can earn Royalties
  • There is no inventory risk involved
  • Prime shipping with a hassle-free approach
  • Tracks your success

Retail Arbitrage is a good option

If we look around, we can see many eCommerce businesses taking a rise. To have a successful revenue-generating business is a dream of an entrepreneur. Amazon services offer diverse ways to help you attain the desirable goal, as an entrepreneur.

Retail Arbitrage offers you an opportunity to purchase low and sell high. The perks of this come with a twist. You do not have to purchase from wholesalers here, you have to purchase the stock from brick-and-mortar retail stores. Check out the sales they have and purchase all the clearance items at a low price. Once your purchase you can set it up on Amazon store in original prices, making more profits.

Isn’t that great? Give it a try!


  • Make good profits by reselling.
  • You get to enjoy the clearance deals.
  • No initial investments are required.

 Have a service to offer

Amazon is not only about selling and purchasing products. You can make an income by offering different services in the store as well. Amazon is a gigantic store that allows you to make an income in various ways. You have complete authority to earn through your talents without worrying about connections. If you are a music teacher or a high-end writer, Amazon can help you connect with the clients on priority.

Besides that, the share to Amazon depends on the services and how much money you are making.


  • Amazon is a giant store that can help you earn well
  • Pay amazon when it’s feasible and you are earning
  • No heavy advertising or marketing techniques required to sell your services

Amazon Trade-in program

Talking about the Amazon trade-in program, we know that it allows customers to receive gift cards in exchange for hundreds of eligible items. The items include electronic devices and video games. The eligible items in this program are listed in the trade-in store. You cannot make cash through this program but anything can be bought on Amazon through gift cards.

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You can wave off the heavy prices to a good discount and take complete advantage of these services.


  • Earn Amazon gift cards and trade instead of selling.
  • Earn up to 25% discount on the original retail price.
  • You can get Niche items.

Amazon Influencers promotion

You can monetize your content with Amazon Influencer Program. All you have to do is, build your storefront, create content and start monetizing. Just three easy steps and there you are!

Amazon influencers program is knitted to the affiliate program. The influencers are required to promote Amazon products on social media platforms. If they have a great fan following, this tip can work the best for you to earn money.

Influencers who are approved by Amazon receive a unique URL that they can use anywhere they like.


  • Requires influencers with a good fan following.
  • Custom storefront with a customized URL.
  • You get to earn income.
  • You get to maintain your social media profiles.

Final words

If you are still wondering about the procedures to make money online on Amazon, then looking deeply into the above-mentioned points is important. Remember, Amazon is a giant eCommerce store and billions of people are active on it, across the globe. You can earn fairly good profits through Amazon if you have the right approach. All the best!

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