How to Obtain BEE Certification in India?

BEE certificate registration

BEE certificate registration is a mandatory requirement for electrical appliances that come under BEE code. Issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the process of obtaining this license involves a lot of steps. Through this article, we are going to discuss all of them.

BEE certificate registration allows you to get star rating for your electrical appliance. It’s a way that you can tell your customers that your product consumes less electric power. Thus, they see you as an investment rather than an expense. When that happens, your business might grow automatically.

So, how you can obtain BEE certification in India? The answer is not a simple one. Unlike standard certification processes, BEE certification process involves two stages. This is the rest is the steps is what we will discuss through this blog.

The Two Stages of BEE Certificate Registration Process

Following are the two stages of BEE certificate registration process:

  • The first stage:
    • At this stage the brand of the company (the applicant is registered)
    • It’s a one-time registration
    • It’s done by the BEE To analyse whether or not your company complies to the BEE rules.
    • It DOES NOT provide you the star rating, but it does make you eligible to get one.
  • The second stage:
    • It comes after brand registration stage
    • It can be done multiple times for multiple products.
    • It’s here that your product acquires a star rating
    • The star rating that BEE model certification gives is only valid for a certain number of years.

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The Process of BEE Brand Registration

Following are the steps pertaining to the BEE registration at the brand level:

  • Create an ID at the S&L portal
  • Login and enter the details of your company
  • Pay the registration fee and a security deposit of INR 1 lakh in case you’re a large scale industry, and INR 25000 if you’re a Small scale industry
  • Take a printout of the application form
  • Attach the form with an agreement drafted on a 100 rupees stamp paper
  • Submit the application with the following mentioned documents:
    • Annual turnover document
    • Details of shareholding
    • Payment proof
    • Registration docs
    • Cover letter
    • Trademark registration certificate
    • QMS certificate
    • SSI certificate
    • BIS license

The Process of BEE Model Registration

Following is the process of register your model under BEE

  • Login through the S& L portal
  • File the application to register the model
  • Pay the fee you required for your model (which is INR 2000 per model)
  • Take a printout of the registration form
  • Submit the documents mentioned below after they are stamped and signed by an authorized signatory:
    • Cover letter
    • Payment receipt
    • Online application printout
    • NABL accredited test report
    • Sample label of every model
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It doesn’t take much to get a star rating for your appliance. However, without the expert assistance you won’t be able to accomplish even that. That’s why, whenever you need to get a star rating, reach out to Registrationwala. We can help you.

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