How to Protect Your Patio Furniture From The Harsh Winter Weather

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It is a problem many people face each year? Winter snow and ice, high winds and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on patio furniture and outdoor decor. Many homeowners discover in the spring that their patio set is in need of replacement or repairs because it has become weathered and worn from exposure to the elements over the winter months.

Protecting patio furniture covers

Now there are easy, affordable ways to protect patio furniture during cold weather months. One of the most effective ways to keep patio furniture clean, damage-free and ready for summer fun is to cover patio sets with protective patio furniture covers. From simple umbrellas to large gazebos, patio umbrella covers, canopy patio covers, tabletop patio covers, chaise lounge enclosure kits, patio loveseat covers, dining patio table covers and patio chair covers, these protective patio furniture covers will not only shield your patio furniture from the winter’s worst, they’ll also help brighten up your yard during dreary winter months.

Umbrella patio set cover

Using large umbrella patio set covers over single or multiple pieces of outdoor patio furniture are one of the easiest ways to protect patio furniture. An umbrella patio set cover opens quickly in a strong gust of wind and closes securely when you’re finished so you can sit comfortably under any afternoon thunderstorm without worrying about a sudden downpour ruining your dinner party or family get-together. When not in use, simply fold up the umbrella patio set cover for easy storage until you’re ready to use it again.

Chaise patio lounge enclosure cover

Another effective way to protect patio furniture is with patio lounge enclosures. Patio loveseat covers and chaise lounge enclosure kits are perfect for covering patio loveseats, love seats or any other patio seat. These patio seat covers can be attached by using simple rope ties or buckles around the arms of the loveseat, which allows you to take them off easily when you want to enjoy your yard in summer breezes rather than wintery winds.

Tabletop patio table cover

Protecting patio tables from weather damage during cold months is also easy with tabletop patio table covers. A tabletop patio set cover fits quickly over most square or circular patio tables to keep patio tables clean, dry and ready for use. These patio table covers are made to fit patio tables that are 48 inches in diameter or smaller. Umbrella patio sets can also be protected with tabletop patio table covers.

Patio furniture cover accessories

For added protection, choose patio chair covers or patio loveseat covers with built-in features like pockets, elastic straps or handles for easy installation. Grills should always be uncovered so they can drain properly during winter months, but many other items on your patio set including umbrellas, tabletop items, pillows and cushions can be kept safe from winter weather damage by covering them up with patio furniture covers when you’re not using the patio set.

By following these simple tips each year, your patio furniture will be ready for whatever warm-weather activities you have planned.

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FAQs: patio furniture covers

Q: What patio furniture do patio furniture covers protect?

A: Patio set covers can protect patio chairs, patio loveseats, patio tables, patio chaise lounge enclosures and more from the elements of winter weather. These patio seat covers are perfect for umbrella patio sets as well as all-weather wicker patio furniture.

Q: How do I know which patio table cover to select?

A: The best way to determine your patio table cover size is by measuring your tabletop – not the frame or legs of the table. Measure each dimension with a tape measure to ensure you choose the correct size before you order. Most base rectangle 48″ x 24″ sizes with an additional 2-3 “of overhang. Larger patio furniture covers are available by special order, but the patio table cover size must be identified before you begin shopping here.


Patio set covers are made with strong materials designed to protect patio furniture from water damage during winter weather. Different patio set covers offer different features like pockets, buckles and more for easy installation of patio chair covers or patio loveseat covers. Protect patio furniture sets with patio furniture covers today!

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