5 Interesting Smartphone Trends to Look Out for in This Year

Smartphone Trends

5 Interesting Smartphone Trends: Every year comes with new technology and trends. A trend leads to the advancement of technology in that particular area and vice versa. This happens in the digital world too. Introducing the front camera in mobile phones created a trend of selfies. 

This, in turn, compelled the mobile manufacturers to develop much better rear as well as front cameras. Smartphones such as VIVO Y50 now possesses a 16 MP front camera. Here are some of the trends that might take place this year:

  • 5G – The New Speed

While network operators and the Government of India are coordinating to bring 5G to India, smartphone manufacturers are already prepared and have even begun rolling out the 5G compatible smartphones in India. VIVO too has launched VIVO V20 Pro with 5G compatibility. This VIVO mobile price has been kept under 30000 INR so as to make it available to a larger crowd, thus creating a trend.

  • AI and AR

Artificial Intelligence has seen a great boost with different products using it to get an edge over the other conventional ones. One such example is the AI-powered skin tools that check the skin condition within minutes with your smartphone. Augmented Reality, too, is striding forward as wearables such as watches and glasses connected to smartphones.

  • Safe, Quick, and Sustainable Charging

Fast charging is now available in almost all smartphones. In this year, the mobile manufacturing companies are now targeting to be able to get the phone completely charged in a minute. The sustainability of the environment is also being looked into. Companies such as Apple are trying different methods, such as not providing new chargers, in order to save the planet from e-waste.

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  • Foldable Display Screens

With big screens on the rise, many mobile companies are now rolling out smartphones with foldable display screens. This means you can actually convert your smartphone into a tablet at any time. This avoids the trouble and awkwardness of carrying your tablet around and permits you to have a big screen whenever you require it!

  • The latest launches will have…

Last year, gaming was on the rise, especially due to the availability of a lot of time. This trend may continue with the return of PUBG Mobile. Also, online education through smartphones and laptops is yet another aspect that will be considered by mobile manufacturers. 

Many companies such as VIVO, Xiaomi, and Samsung have launched basic smartphones for kids at low prices so that they can manage their education easily. VIVO mobile price has reduced a lot during the lockdown. Vivo took this step upon considering the economic condition of the world.

The future we all imagined is finally here. With these Smartphone trends, comes a promise of more advancement in technology, and soon we might develop eco–friendly technology!

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