iPad Battery Won’t Charge? How to Fix Charging Problem

iPad air 2 battery

IPad battery issues are such frustrating one when you have to do important work. It may be an official or personal one. In this era we need to complete all our tasks in digital format to save our precious time. But it is too difficult when you plug your device for charging and after some time see a black screen due to your iPad battery won’t getting charged. Don’t worry, keep calm and check all things before going to iPad air 2 battery replacements. Sometimes the issue is minor and we feel it is large. In this blog we are explaining about the reasons behind not charging the iPad battery and how to fix them. After reading this article you are confident to fix these all kinds of iPad air 2 battery issues and save your precious money. It is easy to fix minor problems. There are several things that you can try at home before going to the iPad air 2 battery replacement repair shop. There is no need for any tool for checking some essential things that you should not ignore before using your lovable gadget.

Some Common Reasons behind iPad Battery Charging Problem:

When your iPad won’t charge there may be hardware or software issues such as Ipad software, charger, lightning cable and charging port.

  1. iPad software issue due to software crash there is charging problem occurs you should hard reset your device. Press the home button and hold the power button at the same time until the Apple logo shows into the center of the screen for a few seconds.
  2. Check the iPad charger due to fluctuation in power when you’re charging .These fluctuations can threaten your iPad and after some time your iPad air 2 battery stops charging. Try to charge the iPad with multiple different charger USB ports in your laptop. If you find that now your gadget is getting charged then it means that there is a problem in the previous charger.
  3. Check the charging cable. Sometimes we think that there is an issue in the complete charger but there may be a problem in the charging cable so it is good to check before thinking  about something else. Try another cable or if you see that there is discoloration on the connector or cable.  You can take this cable from your near or dear one for a little time. Don’t use the charging cables that are not compatible with your device. Always use verified accessories for your gadget for their longer usage.
  4. Clean and remove the dust from your iPad charging port in a periodic manner. You can do it yourself at home. You need some things that are available in your home such as flashlight, toothpick and hair dryer. All the day we use our device and carry it in our bag and pocket from one place to another. There is high chance that dirt, fibers and dust enter in this small charging slot that prevents further your charger to charge your iPad air 2 battery so keep your device clean.

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Some Troubleshooting Tips for your iPad Battery:

  1. Restart you device it will help you if your device haven’t any kind of software issue. Sometimes your iPad not giving you any kind of response as you send any command so in this case you should boot it.
  2. Don’t charge your iPad with your computer because your computer may not have the required power to charge your iPad properly. As your iPad need more power to charge as compare to you your iPhone so try to avoid it?
  3. If your adapter is adapter is not working purchase a verified one for optimum results. We can say that if adapter is of authorized by Apple it will charge your device efficiently. 
  4. Always update the latest IOS version in your iPad as Apple launches periodically IOS for the user to enhance working capability of gadgets. Don’t ignore any updates as it will create issue to you in long run and you may face frustration with the working style of your device.
  5. Don’t force to fold and bend your charging cable there may possibility of breakage in near future. Always wrap in circle very gently.  If you give some time to take care your device it will pay you a lot in future and you can save you money if it working for long term.
  6. Sometime there may be issue of power outlet so don’t waste your too much time in a single power outlet. Try to charge your iPad air 2 battery with another outlet as your adapter may not be compatible with your power outlet. Many a time this issue happen and we feel our device is faulty so before going to replace iPad air 2 battery you should check all the factor that are related to your device.
  7. Many people have busy schedule and they can’t leave without their IPad even a single minute so they use it while it is plug-in to charge but this is the bad habit and not good for your device health and your pocket. During charging if you use your device the gadget do both charging and discharging cycle at a same time and loose it charge storage capacity day by day. Try to charge your device when there is no need of use so that it can charge and discharge completely and properly.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article we are hoping that you are able to identify and rectify all the problems with your iPad air 2 battery charging.  Apply all steps with patience and carefulness while troubleshooting your iPad air 2 battery charging issues. If you fed up with the above fix list then you can check out our Esource Parts website. We are the expert in iPad battery replacement repairs. Past 17 years we are helping out millions of customers and provide our services in cheap rates. Once you come we will not disappoint you at all.

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