Latest Technologies Trending In 2022


Technology has certainly revolutionized the way the world operates today and the post pandemic era has proven that with technology, any operations can be carried out virtually.  Infact, almost every business has learnt to completely go digital. However, with every newly emerging technology that is brought into the market, the necessity to upgrade and make themselves well versed with the latest technologies has increased for the IT professionals. Here are some of the latest technology trends that you can look out for if you are an IT professional and want to create future proof solutions for your clients.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a new technology trend that has affected the way we live and work. It has redefined speech recognition, smartphone assistance, navigation apps and more. AI will also be used to analyze demands and the changed customer behavior. It will help in improving personal experiences. Machine Learning, which is a part of Artificial Intelligence also helps in predicting results using the previous data. 

Cybersecurity Mesh

Cybersecurity mesh is a flexible architecture which integrates stand-alone security services to enable centralized and distributed security policies. All the accessibility is managed from a centralized authority and the control points are brought closer to the assets that they are meant to protect. Cybersecurity mesh is generally a building block of Zero Trust security strategy which allows accessibility of applications from anywhere across the world with 2 way identification and authentication. 

Cloud-Native Platforms

Cloud-native platforms help create application architectures that are agile and elastic. These platforms help improve the lift and shift approach to cloud which increases complexity of  maintenance. According to Joe Beda, co-founder, Kubernetes, VMware –  “Cloud native is structuring teams, culture, and technology to utilize automation and architectures to manage complexity and unlock velocity.”  

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a kind of computing that uses superposition and entanglement. This technology has also helped in developing potential vaccines. It is helping the banking and finance industries as well. Moreover, quantum computers are extremely faster than regular computers which has indicated direct improvement in the revenues.  

Hyper Automation 

Hyper Automation is a business approach that organizations use to vet and automate IT processes as much as possible. It helps in remote operations, business model disruptions as well as scalability. It is predicted that by 2024, hyper automation spending will increase by 40 fold the total cost of ownership. 


Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology where each ledger (block) stores information in digital format with a timestamp. This technology guarantees a secure and decentralized record of transactions. Moreover, blockchain development also helps in generating trust without the requirement of a third party. Due to this reason, Blockchain technology can be used across all industries to maintain 99% security  thereby offering a more reliable future that techies and businesses can upgrade themselves to. 

Autonomic Systems 

Autonomic systems are systems that are self-managed, analyze things from the environment and modify their algorithms. These systems build an agile set of technologies that support new situations, improve performance and handle security threats on their own without needing human help. 


5G is a next generation of technology after 3G and 4G that is expected to initiate services which rely on futuristic technologies like AR and VR. This technology is expected to be used in HD cameras for traffic management and even in smart retail. Most of the big companies are now targeting to create 5G applications for it is the future of the next generation. 


All of these trending technologies mentioned above show a promising future and they offer potential career opportunities which the IT professionals and software development companies can watch out for. Since these technologies are going to be the next generation platforms for dealing and managing operations, one can carve their professional path around these technologies for a successful career.

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