Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Cheap Car Shipping Services

Cheap Car Shipping Services

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Cheap Car Shipping Services

As a first-timer, there are a lot of things you may not be aware of when it comes to shipping your car. As a result, it’s easy to make mistakes especially when you want to get a good bargain. A lot of folks tend to make a lot of mistakes when selecting a car shipping service which eventually cost them a lot more. 

Therefore, it is important to learn about these mistakes as it will make selection very easy and cost-effective. Why go through pitfalls when you can simply avoid them? This article will serve as your guide in navigating and circumventing these common mistakes.

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Selecting a Company Based Only on Cost Considerations

Although your overall aim is to get a cheap car shipping service, you shouldn’t allow that cloud your judgment. Do not select a service just because it is cheap. Often times, such decisions might cost you much more in terms of hidden charges and fees. Furthermore, such “cheap companies” might end up scamming you or under-delivering. 

Not Making Sufficient Research

One common error people often make is not making necessary findings about more than one transporting company. This research involves getting reviews, and quotes, and going through the credentials of the company and its reputation. Doing enough research helps you get the necessary information you need about the companies and transporting industries you may be considering.

Getting quotes from a single company will limit your options and you eventually have to pay for more than what you budgeted for. In some cases, you may just be offered transport quotes without being aware of extra charges. 

Failure to Get a Documented Contract

Verbal discussion and agreement might end up leading to disputes and misunderstandings at times. So, you must insist on a documented contract that outlines their terms, conditions, and the transporting arrangements. If you don’t receive such documented contract, avoid doing business with such a company.

Not Confirming the Delivery and Pickup Procedure

Ensure that there is clarity on how the process works for delivery and pickup. Know the locations, specific requirements, and timelines. Also, let your expectations be known and confirm every detail documented to avoid any form of confusion.

Not Making Findings About Method of Shipping

Important findings should be made about the different transporting methods. This is because a lot of shipping companies offer different methods that come with different prices. In your search for cheap car shipping services, ensure that you are well-informed regarding this. You need to find out about the available options to enable you select the one that will protect your car and also meet your needs.

Neglecting Licensing and Credentials

Ensure the auto transport company is registered and licensed with the appropriate authorities. Some may be operating under disguise to scam people of their vehicles. When you have made proper verifications, it builds trust and puts your mind at ease.

Neglecting Licensing

Failure to Inspect Your Vehicle

One of the criteria for shipping is vehicle inspection. You must not fail to check the state of your car and take note of its current state either by taking photographs or written documentation. You can check online to learn how to take great photos of your car with your smartphone. This will be proof in case of any damage that may occur during transport.  

Neglecting Customer Service

Often times, customers ignore the customer service option until there is an issue. Then they find out about the poor response and before you know it becomes too late. Ensure that you can relate your issues and get feedback immediately. A reliable auto transport company would be willing to address your issues and questions without hesitation. 

Also, a company that has a lot of positive reviews may have the best team to work with. So, you could ask about the company from family and friends who have used them before or they know about them to know what they think. Having a second opinion might just be the saving grace that you need.

Failure to Plan Ahead

Decisions made at the last minute could lead to limited availability and hasty choices. Your vehicle shipping plans must be made early enough especially if there are special timing requirements. A reputable company will tell you all you need to know about your special delivery time and let you know if it is feasible and proffer other options.  


In this article, we’ve discussed the common mistakes folks make when choosing a car shipping company. We hope this article will guide you and help you avoid these mistakes. You can go over this article over and over to ensure you fully understand. Cheers to a successful transportation of your vehicle.

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