Moonstone Jewelry : The Magic of Crystals and Gems


For many years, the magical crystal Moonstone, has accumulated vogue among the youth and various cultures. It displays adolescence, which creates the semblance of moonlight glimmering on the water which creates a hypnotic effect. In addition, this crystal possesses many healing energies to the wearer. And to learn those properties read the entire blog.

Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

The meaning of the Moonstone signifies to new beginnings as it helps rediscover one’s inner self. Also known by Moon magic, this crystal is colorless to semitransparent in the most pleasing way. It is a variety of the opalescent of an alkali feldspar mineral family showing the sheen known as schiller, created by the reflection of light from the internal structures of thin layers of Albite. Furthermore, the Moonmagic jewelry rates between 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale toughness.

This crystal has the ability to connect the person with the energies of the moon, where these crystals remind us that our lives also flow and ebb. Furthermore, it even represents the divine feminine energies, including the traditions of feng shui. Although these crystals help in many ways, let us learn them in more detail.

Healing Energies of The Moonstone

  • Gem lovers have used Moon magic jewelry in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry items since ancient times. It is believed that Moonstone possesses tangible energies as it has a connection with the moon. Thus, wearing the Moonstone ring can positively turn the wearer’s life.
  • For celebrating the 13th wedding anniversary, nothing can be more perfect than gifting the spouse jewelry made with Moonstone crystals. It will bring eternal love with mutual understanding making the bond stronger.
  • This gemstone supports the ones born in the month of June by being their birthstone. It is said that it brings good fortune, clearing the mind and allowing them to make wise decisions in life. People who are into the artist fields must wear this jewelry, as it will enhance their creative minds to perform better in their respective fields. It unlocks the blockage side and allows them to think out of the box.
  • Wearing the Moonstone earrings will make the wearer look beautiful and develop self-worth self-esteem and accept them as they are. Thus, it will allow the person to love themself. In addition, it can be an excellent healer for treating the problems of insomnia and lucid dreams.

Do’s and Don’t for Moonstone

Regular maintenance of the gemstone can keep the energies active for a lifetime. First, clean the gemstone to remove life’s negativity and bad energies. And for that, never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners to clean the Moonstone crystals. Instead, use warm water and a soap bar to clean the gemstone with gentle hands, then use a soft cloth to wipe it properly.

Avoid bumps, hard blows, sharp edges, as this delicate stone can be scratched or damaged. For example, remove the gemstone while working out in gyms because it could be scratched with other hard metals, which cause breaks in the surface through deterioration. Even while going to swimming pools, take off the stone, as the chlorine water can fade the color of the gemstone.

Taking the gemstone near to nature can help it to get recharged. You can take it near to the oceans, rivers, or steams. But be very careful while doing this. Hold it securely under the water and let the natural vibration of the water move over the stone. Moreover, if you don’t have any water bodies near your place, then you can simply keep the crystal on the windowsill of your room. Allow the stone to take the energies of the moon and let the powers get recharged. You can again see the gleam on the surface of the crystal with the new and the positive energies.

Always wear the gemstone jewelry at the last while getting ready so that the stone is kept away from the chemical substances like lotions, perfume, make-ups, cream, and other items. This can cause a change in the color of the gemstone. In addition, please keep it away from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Buy From The Correct Place

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