The 7 Best Survival Subscription Boxes Of 2023

Survival Subscription Boxes

For those in the survival community, knowing how to thrive outside is not just a hobby but a necessity. Survival subscription boxes provide everything a survivalist could ask for. They are not all made equal, and knowing where to start in a highly-saturated market can be challenging. This guide will walk you through the kits you need to survive in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Crate Club

The boxes contain the tactical survival essentials handpicked by the men who know best. Each survival monthly box includes no filler items and only the best products from name brands, including Gerber and Magpul. With monthly prices ranging from $49.99 to $199.99 for Lieutenant to Major, you can spend what you want and always know you’re protected.

The premium package, General, is designed for seasoned survivalists and comes at a quarterly price of $399.99.

From Lieutenant to General, every experience level is catered for, and with bulletproof bags and premium first aid kits, Crate Club knows you will return for more. Crate Club has been featured everywhere, from Fox News to Men’s Journal, and with endless five-star reviews, we know you won’t regret being the next member of the Crate Club community.

  1. Nomadik

Nomadik believes in savings and has a big love for nature. Each box is tailored based on the season but also your specific interests. By doing their ‘Gear Quiz,’ not only do you receive a generous discount, but you will receive a personalized box with the gear that you need.  The Nomadik monthly subscription costs between $32.99-35.99 andare perfect for the economical outdoorsman.

  1. Greenman Bushcraft

This UK-based survivalist kit is perfect for someone who doesn’t just want to survive but to thrive. Equipped with thermal sleeping bags, hunting knives, and carving kits. The packages match the experiences you will find in the wild in that they come in the form of a mystery box, with prices ranging between £20 and £83.

When the time for prepping is over, and survivalists are exposed to the wild, they won’t know what awaits them around the corner, and Greenman begins this with their customer-friendly mystery boxes. You may not know the contents of your box, but you know it will be just what you need to be prepared for.

  1. Survival box

These boxes are tailored based on specific incidents, like surviving hunger, earthquakes, or nuclear attacks. Survival Box knows you won’t be on your own facing these challenges, and it gives you a chance to keep you and your family thriving, no matter the challenges. At $69.99 a month, you will receive exclusive items of the highest quality.

  1. Club Tac

The Club Tac boxes provide everything you need to survive and protect yourself and those around you. When soldiers overseas protecting us need supply drops, they rely on their brothers in arms to get them what they need.

You rely on Club Tac. Handpicked by military veterans and tested by Marines, the box is designed to be delivered monthly and can contain everything from survival guides to bulletproof armor. With great value, we know you will rise through the ranks with Club Tac — we also know you’ll love it.


This company believes knowledge is at the core of survival and thus aims to provide every recipient with new and critical information with every box and the latest survival gadgets. APOCABOX knows there’s a competitive market for survival kits, but their difference is they take a personal interest in you.

They’re not just giving you the equipment to survive; they teach you how to thrive. Lessons you will pass down through generations.

Costing only $50 a month, a hand-crafted artisan item is guaranteed in every box and ensures you have the required knowledge for surviving in the wild. With no membership required, APOCABOX isn’t just here to take your money; they’re here to take you to the next level.

  1. Gear Pack

Survivalism isn’t just about surviving; it’s a way of life about making memories and having fun in nature while being self-reliant. Gear Pack doesn’t want to cramp your style or provide you with filler you don’t need; they give you the tools you need to take on everything.

Indeed, while we know bigger is better, Gear Pack caters to all needs, coming in 4 different sizes. The basic box, costing only $24.99, is perfect for the novice survival enthusiast; however, there are boxes perfectly suited even for the most advanced survivalist.

There is an emerging culture of survivalists, taking the idea of preparing to thrive in remote areas outside the realm of doomsday preppers; and into that of sport, viewing it as a hobby and a challenge. This list gives you the tools to join this culture figuratively and literally.

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