3 Surprising Factors that Impact the Lifespans of Your Garden Flags


Promotional flags are amazingly effective marketing tools. Whether you install them in your garden or outside a mall – they’ll always attract consumer attention. Custom-print your brand’s name on some colourful, well-designed garden flags and your brand will get awesome exposure. These flags are also extremely affordable.

They don’t cost much and can withstand years of sunlight, rain, wind, air pollution and other external risks. Their durability makes them even more appealing to modern-day brand leaders. Why? Because brand leaders always want to maximise their returns on marketing investments. It’s the only way they can tackle the rising costs of doing business.

The Importance of Owning Long-Lasting Marketing Materials

Approximately 26% of all small business owners have had to increase the prices of their products/services since 2020. Why? rising inflation and energy costs. One in ten small businesses is currently dealing with over-inflated energy bills (20% up since 2021).

Naturally many small business owners are cutting down the costs of doing business by cutting down their marketing budgets. Can a small business survive without high-quality marketing tools? Yes. It depends on what types of marketing tools the business owner uses.

If your marketing tools are highly durable, you can reuse them several times and get maximum returns. If your promotional flags are weak or not properly printed, you won’t be able to use them repeatedly. So, choosing highly durable and long-lasting marketing flags is very important for small business leaders. How do they do that? There are three key factors to consider.

1. GSM of the Flags 

GSM (grams per square metre) is a metric that refers to the weight of your custom flag’s fabric. The higher your garden flag’s GSM, the more hard-wearing and durable it’s likely to be. A lightweight fabric like Chiffon will have a very low GSM (less than 50). Conversely, heavy fabric like denim will have a super-high GSM of 350+.

Don’t worry – you won’t need denim flags to be successful at flag marketing. Plus, the GSM metric only suggests whether a fabric is hard-wearing or not. It doesn’t determine the fabric’s overall quality. So, what fabric and what GSM should your marketing flags offer? GSM doesn’t determine a fabric’s ability to perform well in outdoor conditions.

So, picking flags made of high-GSM fabrics will only work if those fabrics are also designed for outdoor conditions. Synthetic materials with high GSM are the best when it comes to marketing flags. So, a vinyl flag with 90 GSM (or more) will last for several years.

2. Regular Cleaning

The more you clean your promotional flags, the longer they will last. Air pollution is a major threat to your outdoor marketing flags. Never let dirt particles, water, or other contaminants settle for good on your flags’ surfaces. Clean them off regularly to keep your flags in good health.

3. Dye Sublimation Printing

If your marketing flags are customized using the dye sublimation printing technique, it’s not likely to fade any time soon. These prints are much more durable than inkjet prints. So, if you want your marketing flags to last for several years – opt for this printing technique!

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