How to Sell Your Home Fast in Las Vegas, NV

selling your home

If you’ve been thinking of putting your Las Vegas home on the market to take advantage of the current demand for real estate, you’ve probably noticed that selling a home is one of the most complicated things you can tackle in your lifetime. Fortunately, you can make selling your home more manageable by considering the information in this article and by working with a real estate agent in Las Vegas.

Know What Your Home is Worth

In the past, determining the value of your home required paying for a professional appraisal and having a formal write-up. Today, however, you can get a solid estimate of your home’s value with an online home value estimator tool. These solutions use automated valuation models (AVMs) to process data from county auditor and tax records, MLS listings and sales, and user-submitted data (e.g. information about property upgrades) to determine the value of your property in a matter of minutes.

By having a general understanding of your home’s value, you can get an idea of if now is the right time to sell your property and also determine what you can afford to pay for your next home. Keep in mind however that because AVMs depend on publicly available information, they don’t work well in sparsely populated areas and they also don’t account for the exact square footage of your property.

To help homeowners position their homes for a quick sale, many real estate agents provide clients with a comparative market analysis (CMA) which is a more in-depth look at the unique characteristics of the home and can be used to develop an accurate market price for your home. Since real estate agents provide this as part of their services, you don’t need to pay any additional upfront costs.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

If you’re not looking for an absolute immediate sale, an effective way to set your home apart from others on the market is to boost its energy efficiency. Regardless of your budget and timeline, there are plenty of options you can take to make your home more energy-efficient.

A really simple change you can implement is adding spray-foam insulation to your attic. Since heat loss through the attic accounts for 25% of a home’s heat loss on average, investing in insulation for your attic is a no-brainer as the material only costs a couple of thousand dollars but you’ll recoup the costs from the home’s increased value.

While prospective buyers typically don’t immediately notice the insulation in the home, they will notice brand new appliances that are Energy Star compliant. Newer appliances use 40% less energy on average than older ones, and 75% of agents report that stainless steel is a favorite of buyers. New kitchen appliance packages can be found for as little as a couple of thousand dollars at many big-box retailers.

The final upgrade tip we’ll touch on in this article to help make your home sell faster is adding solar panels to your property. Although they are a sizable investment, often costing at least $15,000, many homeowners are able to increase their home’s value by $20 for every $1 saved on energy costs. You don’t need to make a decision about installing solar panels yourself. A real estate agent should be able to advise on the best enhancements for your property.

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