Thumbtack Clone App development: Develop an app like TaskRabbit with TaskRabbit clone source code

TaskRabbit Clone app

The significance of marketplaces is obvious. The need for services such as handyman, plumbing, cleaning, etc., is everywhere in all households. Most working professionals with money power do not possess enough time to do these activities. Hence, they solicit such services to make their life simple. 

Some platforms like TaskRabbit Clone connect people who are in search of odd jobs with customers who are seeking assistance. The motive of the app is to help customers connect with service providers while earning money for the same. Both the parties here are beneficiaries, as one gets paid for services while another gets services done promptly for a payment. 

Overview of Thumbtack Clone app development

The world is in dire need of handyman services and requires a solution like the Thumbtack Clone app. The solution is constructed to establish a presence for the owners. Being molded with impactful technology, the on-demand solution offers the capacity to handle millions of transactions and users with ease. Since it is a business-oriented solution, customers are provided with commendable services with few and no hassle. Investing in this sector has become easy with this solution.

TaskRabbit Clone Source Code- What does TaskRabbit Clone Script offer?

The TaskRabbit Clone app bridges the gap between several thousand service providers as a plumber, gardener, house cleaner and provides all the miscellaneous services. The app encourages the customer to search regarding their need for tasks or services, which will be fulfilled by freelancers allotted after a considerable search process. The implementation of gaming techniques gives the users a satisfying experience. With a perfect credit system supplementing the case, TaskRabbit Clone perfects every activity. The app can be customized and be launched in the market quickly. The original TaskRabbit script aids in developing the clone app precisely.

Essential features of TaskRabbit Clone app

Provision of multiple services

It offers the ability to provide and opt for multiple services around a chosen location and filter many areas as they please.

Multilingual support

Offer a hassle-free service booking experience by tapping on the global and regional user base.

Multiple pricing options

Services can be priced based on the kind, hourly rates, expertise, etc. The service provider can control the prices through their app.

Location-based pricing

Set prices as per the service provider’s location in addition to service acceptance options in various places.

Explore work options

Service providers can scroll through the app and select their specialization. There are several options to choose from, and the provider can have multiple options if multiple services are provided.

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In-app chat

The app contains a secured in-app chat to connect customers with service providers so as to avoid any confusion and misinterpretation in communication. 

Schedule services

Customers can schedule services at any time they wish to receive the benefit of the service.

Review and Ratings

Customers can provide feedback and ratings to enable the service providers to know their experience. Their comments and feedback help gain more confidence and provide room for correcting mistakes.


A service availability enables the customer to know the presence and availability of particular services.

Multi-currency management

Customers get to pay in their local currency with the currency converter being attached to their app. It enables easy conversion and lets them know the converted amount.

Services offered by TaskRabbit Clone

  • Handyman 
  • Home cleaner
  • Home painter
  • Delivery professional
  • Home helper
  • Office cleaner
  • Road assistance
  • Security guard
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • Movers and lifter
  • Car mechanic
  • Car washermen
  • Insurance broker
  • Plumber
  • TV repair technician
  • Language translator
  • Veterinarian
  • Travel agent
  • Advocate
  • Tourist guide
  • Yoga trainer
  • Firefighter
  • Locksmith
  • Beautician
  • Hairstylist
  • Dog walker
  • Pet grooming professional
  • Catering professional
  • Fitness trainer
  • Babysitter and so on.

Working model of TaskRabbit Clone app

Customer app

  • Sign up with a phone number, email address, or social media handle.
  • Go through the search panel panels marketplace and set some dates.
  • Book for the required services, and it will be approved by a notification confirming the service booking.
  • Pay through multiple gateways as debit or credit cards, e-wallets, net banking, etc.

Service provider app

  • Log in to the app through intelligent credentials.
  • Mention the list of services offered, available schedule, rules of service, etc.
  • Receive service requests. View and confirm recommendations based on availability.
  • Receive commission payments immediately to the bank account from the providers for channeling them to customers.

The revenue model for TaskRabbit Clone app

The app can run unskippable and skippable video ads and picture or banner ads to earn good revenue. When a user clicks these ads, they get converted immediately. The app can also contain an ad-free option at a reasonable price. The ads should be short and not exceed a time-stamp.


The commission may be solicited from the service providers for letting them use the app as a medium to connect with the customers.

Final Thoughts

Opt for the TaskRabbit clone and launch a service-oriented app to connect several thousand customers and service providers and give the workers a platform to communicate with easily. 

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