Top Highest Paying IT Jobs for Your Bright Career

IT Jobs for Your Bright Career

How to Choose Career?

Technology advances and evolves with time. At the moment, individuals who want to move ahead with information technology as their career needs to be updated with formal training and skills sets. 3RI Technologies provides training will help them to take advantage of the best opportunities in the field of computers.

Highest Paying IT Jobs :

  1. Data Scientist

Data scientist are the highest earners in the IT industry. On average, there has been a 30 percent increase in demand for data scientists year over year. A data scientist analyses the trends in the data. This data is gathered from different sources over some time. Data Scientists analyses and interprets complex data trends to help organizations make better and more timely decisions. The salary of Data Scientists can be as high as $150,000 per annum. This makes it the highest paying IT jobs role in 2021.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Solution Architects

IoT Solution Architects also earn a handsome salary and are in high demand in the IT industry. The IoT solutions architect leads the team and monitors the development and deployment of IoT solutions. Apart from knowledge of IoT solutions, one should also have strong programming skills, an understanding of Machine Language, hardware design and architecture. In this role, one can earn an average of over $130,000 annually.

  1. Big Data Engineer

Internet users generate humongous data each day. To gain insights and trends in this data, most organizations are using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. To analyze this data, companies are hiring Big Data Engineers and Architects. These engineers and architects are highly paid as they design and develop all the Big Data applications. The annual average salary of a Big Data architect is $140,000.

  1. Software Architect

Software architect takes care that the designs and development are according to the required standards. It is their role to identify the client’s requirements and perform hands-on work to develop prototypes. Per annum salary of software, the architect is over $114,000. As India is among the most prominent IT markets, there is always a high demand for software architects.

  1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers can be assigned for either coding or engineering. These professionals work for different departments. They develop and improve various IT systems, which increases the company’s productivity. DevOps engineers should know coding languages, software engineering and security systems. They should have strong analytical, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Their income is around $120,000 per annum. DevOps Training in Pune will help you to explore your skill so you can achieve your dream job.

  1. Information Systems and Security Manager

Organizations need IT, security professionals to keep sensitive data and systems safe. For this hot job, one needs to possess a sound technical background in systems and network security. They should have great interpersonal, leadership abilities and a problem-solving attitude. Their network also needs to follow security trends and company regulations. Organizations often prefer certified professionals. Information systems security managers earn somewhere near $149,000 per year.

  1. Full Stack Developer

The full-stack development area is an attractive working area. One needs to be updated with new technology trends. This job requires both the qualities of a front-end developer and a backend developer. The average full-stack salary is $112,253 per annum.

  1. Cloud Architect

This profile requires good technical knowledge. A Cloud Architect needs to plan, design, update and upgrade cloud projects. They are there to solve network architecture problems and give suggestions for network or cloud enhancement to the companies. So, this job requires experience in network or cloud technologies. They also need good communication skills to understand the client’s requirements. This role earns a salary of about $145,000 per annum.

  1. Software Engineer 

They are required to develop engineering programs for both applications and software. They can also have backend development and maintenance as their profile. A software engineer should know the system they are working on. They must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area; to get into the IT stream, they need to choose a particular branch and master it. At their initial step, they earn about $115,000 per annum

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  1. Web Developer 

Web developers gather business requirements and develop web-based applications. They need to develop the front end that is reliable and attractive. If the user needs to submit or search the data, these applications should be interactive. Their job requires that developments done should be satisfactory for the users. They may also need to assist seniors in integrating front-end and backend. To progress in this field, experience matters a lot. Their average salary for a year is $120,000.


These are some of the highest paying IT jobs in 2021. It’s needless to say Information technology is a vast field, and a person holding a degree in it can have limitless opportunities waiting in the world.



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