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SEO Blog and Influencers


The need and demand for a local SEO expert has increased a lot nowadays. To define, local search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of making the company visible for geographically-termed searches, in specification with Google’s Local Pack or the map listings. Companies now are more focused on providing local SEO news and information from credible sources and this can take propels agencies and local businesses to a different next level.

To add, a successful local SEO campaign is important for any business that is being handled on a local level along with commercial contractors who are looking to increase leads and sales from neighboring and local customers. The main purpose of this post is to help the users to find some professional people who have immense knowledge about SEO and are willing to share anecdotes.

Here is the list of some leading SEO influencers and companies having the best SEO blogs:

Bloggers & Influencers –

 Neil Patel

When the term Search Engine Optimization clicks in mind, Neil Patel is the first person whose glance appears in mind. Termed as one among the top 10 online marketers by leading magazine Forbes, he continues to stay on fanbase by his online business strategies with SEO. He’s not only the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics but has assisted leading market giants like Amazon, GM, HP and NBC with their business growth.

Carolyn Shelby

 She is the head SEO at leading channel ESPN. Carolyn has been enhancing marketing Internet technologies since the late nineties and has emerged as the co-founder and managing partner of an Internet Service Provider near Purdue University. She expatiated in technical and enterprise SEO and assists leading firms to modify their structure and shift their focus so that they make the most of new media.

Dave Davies

 Being a leading SEO giant, he is theco-founder of Beanstalk Internet Marketing that he started with his wife Mary Davies. Also, he’s a well-published author and hosts a weekly radio show on Internet Marketing and has emphasized the importance of organic SEO at various conferences. He has nearly two-decade of SEO experience and great knowledge of efficient search engines, internet marketing, along with knowledge of web development and server administration.

Fili Wiese

The name of Fili Weise is known among renowned technical SEO experts. He was also a former Google engineer and a senior technical lead in the Google Search Quality team. In his company SearchBrothers, he provides SEO consulting services along with SEO audits, SEO workshops and recovers websites from Google penalties without any hassle. Fili also provides tips and tricks at SMX frequently along with other online marketing events.

Ruth Everett

 Ruth is known for her SEO skills at quite a young age. She is a technical SEO & Content Executive at DeepCrawl and is most of the time seen utilizing her time in learning and communicating the latest transformations in the search space. Her love for the technical side of SEO was sparked early while she was busy in her digital marketing career. She admits that with time, it has increased with each project she has worked on, both agency side and now within the software.

Companies –

Local visibility system

Known for the best technology blogs, founder Phil Rozek’s blog at Local Visibility System gets marked on the best SEO blogs every time they are initiated. He never stops posting out in-depth, actionable, and entertaining blogs and posts. The page also has free DIY resources inside as well. Thus, the page consists of all SEO blogs necessary for business owners who want their companies to be more visible in the local search results.


The blogs of GatherUp provide a great insight into what actually an SEO consists of. Usually, their blogs are fairly review-heavy, so if businesses search for reputation management glances and updates, then this site should certainly be among their bookmarked sites. GatherUp has solutions to every SEO-related issue and they even provide the best possible solution.


 The blogs of BrightLocal consist of a range of content that begins from reviews, Google My Business, citations, and many more, thus inclusive of research pieces, topical news, deep how-to-do guides, content series like ‘Advance Your Agency’ that are designed to help fledgling agencies succeed, ‘We Asked the Experts’ that covers leading ideas on trending topics from local SEO’s brightest minds, and ‘Local Quizness’ that’s a jolly way to stay on top of any local SEO news.

Sterling Sky

Sterling Sky has been trending and the credit goes to its investigative blogs. The user can get benefits from a fantastic pool of expert local SEOs provided by the website including founder Joy Hawkins, Colan Nielsen, and Carrie Hill, about whom glances can also be found over the Local Search Forums. Along with the blogs on-site, the user can also find the latest news, basic DIYs, and their new ‘20 Questions’ series, crafted so that the readers can know their team in a better way.


With this website, user can advance their local search, enhance rankings, and expand their business with the help of Whitespark’s local SEO tools and managed citation services. One can also learn the key elements of Local SEO, building a foundation, key components required to successfully execute a campaign. There are various articles covering topics ranging from ranking factors, on-site optimization to reviews, and many more.

Conclusion –

To sum up, the main purpose of the above post is to help the readers find knowledgeable people regarding SEO and take their instances as examples and work on their own websites as they did. The people and sites listed are all actively working with some or the other SEO Company USA or are delivering SEO-related information, knowledge, and insights either through social media, adding to publications or blogs, or by giving speeches at conferences.

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