Uber for Doctors – a Complete Analysis on Developing an on-demand Healthcare App

Uber for Doctors

In this current era of technology, almost all industries have entered the digital arena. On-demand mobile apps were initially developed for the niche segment. Over the years, with the advent of smartphones, people became more reliable on these on-demand apps to cater for their needs. Almost all services have taken a digital form in recent years. 

Followed by all these on-demand apps, healthcare apps have been launched in the market. Through these healthcare apps, people can schedule their doctor appointments effortlessly. Considering the present scenario of the healthcare sector, it will be an excellent start for entrepreneurs to launch their digital healthcare app in the market.  

Revolutionize the Healthcare Sector With an Uber for Doctors App

Digital healthcare apps create a revolution among people by allowing them to schedule their medical appointments with doctors. Remember the days when we stand in long queues at hospitals to get appointments to meet their doctor for consultation, especially when we want to meet medical specialists like cardiologists, dentists, ENT, etc. You need an extreme level of patience to get appointments. 

An Uber for Doctors app will be a bolt from the blue for the patients to schedule their appointments through the app without spending much time in long haul queues at hospitals. Almost all the time, after medical consultation, people would feel like they do not have enough time to discuss their medical issues with their doctors. This is due to the time constraints and lack of communication between doctors and patients.

Uber for Doctors app will bridge the gap between the patients and doctors where the patients can contact their doctors through the app and schedule their appointments. They can schedule their consultation anywhere according to their feasibility. Apart from this, the patients can virtually communicate with their doctors through video conferencing options. This is the need of the hour for people amidst this pandemic.

Working Model of Uber for Doctors App

The main aim of an Uber for Doctors is to help people get their treatments or medical appointments without any delay. So, the app adopts a strong working pattern to connect the patients with doctors. Here is how the app works,

  • Upon downloading, the users should register with the app and create login credentials to schedule appointments.
  • The users can browse through the app and find the available doctors from the list.
  • The users can check the specializations and availability of the doctors and send him/her a request for an appointment
  • The doctors will accept the request and visit the patients at their destinations to provide services. 
  • The patients will pay their medical fees to the doctors at the end of their medical consultations.

Why Launching an on-demand Uber for Doctor App Will Be a Sure Hit?

A convenient way of approach 

Finding a doctor and scheduling an appointment is a seriously tedious task for people. Especially in remote locations, there is no means of finding doctors as there will be less in number. In such cases, through the Uber for Doctors app, users can opt for virtual consultations through the app. Patients will meet their doctors in real-time, and this is the central plot of this app.

Storing medical records

Through the Uber for Doctors appointment, you can store all your medical records and files digitally without any paper. This saves your time and is trustworthy. You can access the data at any time with accuracy.

Better patient outcomes 

With everything being digitally driven, there are no hassles for the patients to schedule their appointments. Through Uber for doctors, the patients can reschedule their appointments instantly. The app also provides great scope for the doctors to assist their patients via messages and phone calls.

Reduced readmission 

Through the Uber for Doctors app, the patients will get high-quality treatment from the best doctors. This reduces the possibilities of readmissions. Patients can stay back at their home and get their treatment. 

Proper work-life balance 

The healthcare app not only benefits patients from remote locations, but it also benefits the doctors by giving them scope to visit their patients at their travel time or by allocating a particular schedule for that. This will help them to maintain their workplace balance.

Cutting-edge Features of Uber for Doctors App

Easy registration 

The users can register themselves with the app by providing their credentials like email id, phone number and password. 

Advanced search option 

The users can search through the app and find the availability of doctors by entering their names or through their specialization. 

Scheduling appointments 

Through the app, the patients can schedule or reschedule their appointments with their doctors. The app will show the availability of the doctors with time. The patients can consider this to schedule their medical appointments.

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The app will send updates and alert messages to the users through SMS and email. This will help the users to stay updated with their appointments with doctors. The app will also remind the users of messages from the doctors.

In-app chat or call

Patients can reach their doctors through in-app chat and text them regarding their doubts and clarifications. The app also allows the users to make calls to the doctors in emergencies to sort their help.

Virtual appointment 

At this Covid 19 crisis, much importance is given to covid patients at first preference. In this scenario, people who want to have regular medical check-ups or other specific treatments find it difficult. Uber for Doctors app will allow the patients to meet their doctors virtually through the app in real-time.

Wrapping up,

Online healthcare platforms have become the dire need of people to schedule their medical consultations with their doctors. Amidst this pandemic situation, it will be an excellent choice for entrepreneurs to invest in this platform. Approach best app development companies experts in on-demand doctor app development for launching your Uber for Doctors app.

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