Free 8 US Local Business Directories 2021

US Local Business Directories 2021

Free US Local Business Directories

These local business directories can enable you to jump start Your business, and the good thing is they are entirely free to list your business. A lot of people use search engines and online business directories to search for local companies.

By using particular keywords or categories, these free USA business listing sites help you in finding local businesses.

You can make a start with your free online business existence, so possible customers can discover you locally as you propel foot traffic to your business. With open US business directory requests, you can effortlessly create strong backlinks to boost your search ranking. Many of the local directories are nicely established and keep a high DA.

USA Free Local Business Directories

Google My Business

Google My Business 

The Google My Business is a tremendous starting point for every local SEO campaign. Google utilizes data from Google My Business pages to populate its proficiency graph and the local outcomes, which come at the top of the local search results.

Google My Business enables you to supervise your business listing, Google feedback and keep an eye on traffic and engagement to your page. It’s free of cost, simple to use, and will enable people to see your business on a map, as well as give signals to Google to assist your business to display in local search results.


Yelp Business Directories

Searching for local stuff is now possible with Yelp, so why not have the benefit of this forum. Many companies that prosper from this platform are eateries, Car repair shops, and shopping centers. Business directory submissions that recommend the best local restaurants etc.

Yelp is one of the best Local eateries business listing sites in the USA.



Here is another famous search engine Microsoft owns bing. Bing business portal is a forum where you can list your local business for your potential local customers to get you online. This business portal is prospering fast, so be on it today.



Yahoo Local Listing is an incredible free service that shows your local business, phone number, address, and URL and provides you the choice of selecting five business types. The basic free listing can comprise extra data such as email address, working hours, payment alternatives, and years in business, and you also get a link to your site.

The paid listing option gives you additional benefits; you can see how many times people viewed your listing. You can post one small picture onto the business description page and ten big photos onto another separate page.

Finder Master

Finder Master

The name of this website brings up a fact. It’s a finder master aiming to detect a business online. The whole procedure of placing an ad or surfing through the listings is facilitated in a few steps. You will surely see a great user experience, and it’s easy to use.

Classifieds Factor

Classifieds Factor

This is a free of cost international directory as they encompass nearly every state and every town out there. You will not be able to detect a city that’s not listed on this site. This makes it more comfortable for anybody to try it out as it technically spreads worldwide.

Hot Frog

Hot Frog

HotFrog has listed more than 70 million businesses in 38 countries. It is a name very famous among companies as well as users all over the world with the several country-specific editions of HotFrog business listing sites accessible. The site renders reporting equipment that assists the work on business listings.

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Insider Pages

Insider Pages

This is a somewhat recent business listing site but famous among users to search for medical and health services, residential and park businesses, auto services, hair and beauty and pet, business listings in the USA. The live business page contains your local business contact details, residential address (the exact as that on your website), business details.

A lot of feedback with star ratings. You can post up to 20 pictures. Also, Your business page on Insider Pages enables you to give a link back to your website.

Conclusion: US Local Business Directories

Local SEO is vital for any business, huge or small, with a physical address that customers need to visit. It gives low-hanging fruit that can fix you on page one of Google’s search findings effortlessly – a motive that would generally be entirely out of reach for many small businesses in competitive industries.

If you’re expecting to get the attention of a larger audience, there are many significant business directories for you, including benefiting local searchers as well as business owners.

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