What are the Best Ways to Make a Secure E-commerce Website?

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An eCommerce website is an online shopping platform that provides customers to get all the essential things from just one platform. However, developing an eCommerce website is the most challenging, exciting, and fun to do. You get to know about the different industries online and how they work individually.

After the uprising in internet usage, there are many eCommerce websites developed and being used. However, just the development of an eCommerce website won’t make it successful in the market. You must also make sure that your website is suitable for security purposes.

Security is the most crucial thing to consider while developing an eCommerce website because users will only trust you and make purchases from your site when it is highly secured. This is so because the eCommerce store will contain all the user’s confidential details that need to be safe and protected from others.

The internet has ruled every impact of our life. First, we use the internet for socializing, entertainment, working, and research. Now we also use it for shopping for almost everything.

These new generations have just seen the world with the internet they would never believe if we say that there was a time where there was no internet connection. In this current generation, almost every alternate individual is shopping over the internet.

Why Develop an eCommerce Website?

It is undeniable that growth in an eCommerce website development can bring you many benefits for your business’s bottom line. Still, there are many ways to create an eCommerce business. An online process of your business gives ample opportunities to create more connections all over the world.

Here are the reasons to develop an eCommerce website:

  • Newmarket acquisitions
  • Create a unique shopping experience
  • Strengthen your brand

Newmarket Acquisitions

It is hard for companies like small businesses and startups to reach more customers in new markets with just an offline store. Besides, an eCommerce website allows you to reach new customers through an online platform that you won’t reach with just an offline store.

Create a Unique Shopping Experience

Online businesses can also directly affect the customer journey by giving a creative shopping experience through videos, stories, and personalized services. These shopping experiences don’t need to end at the checkout either, as you can reach customers through email marketing or social media. This fantastic experience has a way of convincing users that online shopping offers vast opportunities that offline shops don’t provide.

Strengthen Your Brand

If you are selling through an online marketplace app such as eBay and Amazon, your products will be listed accurately and often use the marketplace brandings. However, some customers may not even know they are purchasing from you; therefore, they won’t learn about your brand. Developing your eCommerce website makes sure that control of your product is presented.

What is an eCommerce website?

Security is one of the essential features to consider for an eCommerce website. If not, then it should be. Without proper security, many online business owners put their own companies and customers at risk of suffering from fraud and fake products. The leak in card details of the user can give loss to your business that, as a result, gives massive casualties for your business.

If you think that you are a startup business or a small business, so there is no security risk, and it is safe, I suppose you might be probably wrong. This is because small businesses are targeted more than larger ones. After all, they don’t have much security for their store.

Ways to Secure an eCommerce Website

Here are some ways that you can implement to make your eCommerce website secure.

  • Choose eCommerce hosting
  • Switch to HTTPS
  • Choose a secure platform
  • Secure your admin area
  • Backup your data regularly
  • Never hold client card data
  • Use a GeoLocation anti-fraud software
  • Choose eCommerce Hosting

You have already made some investment in developing your eCommerce website. However, when you are moving forward with developing the website, designing, developing, hosting, optimizing, and promoting a website can cost you a lot.

Although it costs much for a host but never chooses cheap hosting. It is a simple fact that you are a wreck for choice these days when it comes to hosting the eCommerce website. So ensure you don’t get attracted to the fake promises of cheap hostings.

If you use a shared hosting service for hundreds and thousands of other users, you can end up in a noisy neighbourhood. It was evident that no one likes noisy neighbours.

  • Switch to HTTPS

Until currently, using secure HTTPS with an SSL certificate was generally reserved for the payment area for your site. The case is still the same, but now the website owner has shifted to secure their entire website.

Google took a significant initiative to double-check security, and they also included HTTPS as a ranking factor. Moreover, it is contributing to the shift that browsers are going to start penalizing the HTTP sites.

If you want to go for HTTPS, then you will need to have an SSL certificate first. After that, you can purchase it from your hosting company or a trusted SSL seller.

  • Choose a Secure Platform

There are great eCommerce platforms from where you can choose to develop an eCommerce website. However, you must be very careful while selecting your eCommerce platform. One must not just look for the needs but also need to look at the reputation of the platform and the security they provide, and whether it gets updated regularly or not.

Platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce, are all popular eCommerce platforms from which you can select a secure one. The main perk to adopt WooCommerce development services is, it is a completely customizable eCommerce platform.

The main point is that once your website is live, you don’t need to update and maintain it because developers, designers, or web hosting service providers are responsible.

  • Secure Your Admin Area

One of the primary and easiest ways to secure your site is to protect the admin area.

If you go for a popular and common eCommerce platform called Magento, they will have a default admin panel. Just by making changes in this, you can prevent most hackers from searching for an easy target.

One of the essential points is to change the default administrator username. Hackers always look for easy targets, and if you use easy and default names, it will be easy for them to hack. So it would be best if you kept a problematic name that is impossible to crack.

  • Back up Your Data Regularly

Backing up your data is an essential thing to do because in case your eCommerce website gets hacked and you haven’t backed up your data. There will be a massive loss for your website, and if you have backed up your data regularly, then there won’t be any risk of your data getting lost.

There are many ways to backup your data. However, if you take manual ways to backup your data, then there is one risk that you might forget to update your data daily. On the other hand, if you make it a habit, you won’t forget to backup your data.

One of the best ways to backup your data is to update your data automatically. This will help you to update your data regularly without any fail. This means that your data is kept secure.

  • Never Hold Client Card Data.

Some of the famous eCommerce platforms come with the ability to accept your client’s credit card data and store it on the eCommerce website. This is the thing that you should never perform.

It is not a good practice. It can give you a heavy fine if your systems get negotiated.

Instead of doing so, you can add payment gateways to your website to perform all the payment tasks on your website and store data inside it. You can trust them because they have a high level of security as they handle millions of payments and have stored millions of users’ card data.

  • Use a GeoLocation Anti-fraud Software.

Hacking is not a local issue; it is a global issue for all. For example, when attempts to use stolen card details could involve cards being stolen part of the world, sent electronically to another side of the world and used to commit online fraud.

One solution for this kind of fraud is to use a GeoLocation anti-fraud tool. This tool will provide a real-time fraud score. This score is available through the merchant to know the risk.


Security is not free, but it is more affordable than getting hacked. Unfortunately, there is not a universal solution to make an eCommerce website development safe and secure.

The best solution considers the right choice of software and hosting platform and keeps everything up to date and even secure.

For developing an eCommerce website of your need, you also hire a Magento web development company. They will have certified developers who will help you develop a flawless eCommerce app that is safe and secure, and as per your choice. You can select the company as per your budget and plan.

This blog has written about some of the best ways to make an eCommerce website development safe and secure.

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