What are The Documents Required for Fresh RNI Registration Application?

RNI registration charges. You pay them to get the right to publish your newspaper in India. And in this new India, where traditional forms of media have turned news into nothing more than entertainment, you can provide exact nature of what is going on in this world. You can be unbiased. You can be phenomenal. You can be, the one and only, a newspaper provider who is not burdened with pushing your own agenda.

However, just paying the RNI registration fees is not enough. There is the entire process of registration. A big part of that process is a list of documents that you need to submit. What are those documents? Answer to that question and the exact nature of those documents is the reason we are presenting you this blog today.

What is the process of newspaper registration in India?

Before jumping into the documents that justify the RNI registration cost, let’s discuss the process itself.

There are two stages of newspaper registration in India.

At the first stage, you reserve a suitable title for your newspaper. The procedure for title registration entails the following steps:

  • You go online and file the application for newspaper registration.
  • Despite it being the first stage, it’s here that you completely pay the RNI registration charges.
  • You attach the required documents needed by the Registrar of Newspaper to process your application.
  • After you’ve filed your application online, you take its printout.
  • You forward this printout and deposit it, alongside hardcopies of the documents, to the government media head appointed in your state. It can be SDM/JSM or other officials.
  • When that media head approves of your newspaper title, you get RNI title verification letter.

Once you’ve gotten approval to use the title of the newspaper, you have to do the same for its content.

  • Make a declaration that you’ve obtained title approval
  • Send the declaration to the government media official appointed in your state to get it authenticated.
  • Submit the authenticated declaration, along with the documents to the Office of Registrar of Newspapers.
  • Publish your first copy as per the guidelines of office of RNI. They state that if your newspaper is going to published weekly or daily, you have to submit your first copy within 42 days after submitting the declaration. In case your newspaper is to be published daily or fortnightly, you’ll have to publish the first copy within 90 days after submission of declaration.

Documents that you are required to submit at the time of Registration

Following are the documents that you need to submit along with the application for fresh RNI registration:

  • Copy of the Title Verification Letter
  • A declaration Form
  • Copy of the first issue
  • Authorization from the foreign newspaper head in case you’re merely acting as their representative.

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Starting a newspaper is not an easy process, but that’s what makes it worth it. If you truly want to dispense news that you believe people should know, reach out to our RNI consultants. We can help you at both levels of newspaper registration in India. Fees aside, we will help you file your application and much more.

Also, the same process is to be followed for magazine registration in India, fees of which is necessarily the same. To know more, contact us.

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