What are The Requirements to Get CDSCO Certificate

CDSCO certificate

To import any kind of drug or related product, you need the approval of Central Drug Standard Control Organization. That means even for the products like cosmetics, it’s important to go through CDSCO certification process. However, can you imagine any of business license process for CDSCO certificate going correctly without the license?

Of course not.

And CDSCO is no joke. While other business institutions can be a bit lenient when it comes to business licenses, the product registration guidelines for CDSCO are very strict. You need all the documents in the right order in order to correctly file the CDSO online application.

We are here to discuss those documents.

A Cover Letter

Other than the CDSCO application form, it’s the cover letter that helps you get the license. It is a CDSCO form to convince the department to grant you the license. You have to be clear and concise when writing your cover letter. The department will only consider your application if you are using genuine and understandable words in your cover letter.

A Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is used to authorized the one you have given right to sign your application. It contains the details about the manufacturer, the authorized agent, the product and the date till which the power of attorney is valid.


An undertaking is the core of any government license application. You’re going to use it to declare that every information you have provided in the application for CDSCO online registration is correct.

List of Ingredients Used to Make The Cosmetic Product

The CDSCO needs a list of ingredients used to produce the cosmetic product. Provide the exact amount of ingredient used in each sample of the product.

Labels of the Product

The product should obviously have labels. They should contain information including the name of the product, the details of the manufacturer, the license number of the manufacturer license, the registration certificate number and other details that are required as per the rules of Drugs and Cosmetics law.

All the Specifications of the Cosmetic Product

A document is required in which you’ll provide all the necessary details about the products. They include the ingredients, the usage, the manufacturing date, the time within which the product should be used, the storage instructions for the product and other details that you thing are worthy to be counted as specifications.

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Testing Method Implemented on the Product

Provide the exact details of the testing the original manufacturer has done on the product.

Manufacturing License From the Country of Origin

Some cosmetic products need specialized manufacturing license. Provide a copy of that manufacturing license.

Free Sale Certificate

Provide a simple free sale certificate (certification that the sale of the product is allowed) that the applicant has received from the country of origin.

Declaration of No Animal Testing

Provide a declaration that explicitly states that no animals were tested in the making of the product.

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Declaration of Absence of Heavy Metals

Provide a declaration that explicitly states that no heavy metals in the product.


Accumulate and submit all the aforementioned documents to get CDSCO import license. If you need assistance, there are CDSCO registration consultants. The CDSCO consultant will give you end to end support from filing CDSCO online applications and more.

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