What are The Steps to Obtain TEC Approval Certificate?

TEC Approval Certificate

TEC approval certificate is obtained from the Telecommunication Engineering Centre for the purpose of importing telecom products for sale. Telecom products of foreign nations first need to be tested before they are allowed to be sold in India.

Taking responsibility of this is the Department of Telecommunication. Through its Telecommunication Engineering Centre, the DOT tests the product and if the product adheres to all the telecommunication safety standards of the country, it’s allowed to be imported.

And when the product is allowed to be imported, the importer of that product is given the TEC approval.

Despite its importance, TEC certification India is a topic that no one is aware of.

The reason of this can be pointed to the government’s disinterest in raising awareness about this license. Which is why, most importers find themselves at a disadvantage when they realize that they need more authorizations than a mere IE code to import products in India.

In this article, we are going into a bit of detail about the TEC certification process. Become aware of it and learn the steps. Who knows? May be it would be you importing telecom products in India.

Steps of The TEC Certification Process

Now that you know the answer to what is TEC certification,  we feel  that you should know about the steps involved in the certification.

First, let’s discuss the entities involved with the registration:

  1. The importers of the telecom equipments
  2. The manufacturers of the telecom equipments

If you are filing the application of TEC certification as a manufacturer, you need to appoint and Authorized Indian Representative who, on your behalf, will conduct the entire process.

If you’re applying as an importer, you should be authorized by the manufacturer to do the same.

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With That in Mind, Following are The Steps of TEC Certificate Process:

  1. Profile creation: The applicant has to first create a profile on the TEC portal founded by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre. Profile creation is not a simple matter; it involves the submission of document as follows:
    1. Letter of authorization of the Authorized Indian representative in case the applicant is the manufacturer.
    2. Letter of Authorization of the importer in case the applicant is the importer.
  2. Once the profile is created, you’ll be given options to file the application for TEC certification. Apply online along with the documents and pay the registration fees.
  3. Once the online application reaches its destination, you’ll receive a prompt instructing you to download the application form you just filed and post it to the given address.
  4. Post the application form with the specimen of the telecom product.
  5. After testing the product, the TEC will decide whether or not to issue you the license.
  6. If the application is accepted, you’ll obtain the license in your email.

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All the above steps are needed if you want to obtain the TEC certificate. The bad news is that the process is quite difficult. The good news is that you won’t have to do anything on your own.

The TEC approval consultant exists to assist you in these matters. Contact them and let them do their job while you do what you always intended, importing telecom product.

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