5 Best Softwares for Animation

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Let’s know first – What is Animation Software? It is the magical tool in the hands of the artists which enables them to turn the graphics into visual reality. There are options to animate 2 or 3 dimensional, computerized, and hand-drawn graphics. Here we will tell you about the 5 best software for animation.

Nowadays animations are used in TV shows, cartoons, commercials, movies, website creation, and graphic designing. 

Many people made it their profession so they need to have a piece of proper knowledge about animation software. 

To reduce the effort, after the proper and correct research from the authentic sites, we have filtered some of the amazing software to make their work smooth. 

Some of the applications are used without paying any cost and few are payable (for upgrade purposes). 

The 5 Best Animation Softwares

The best animation software that is easily available and convenient for beginners to use are Blender 3D, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Character Animator, Maya and Clip Studio Paint. The description about them is given below –

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is one of the best software for animation. Anyone can use this software whether you are a beginner or a professional. It gives you top-notch features and services. 

Clip studio paint offers two versions that are clip studio paint ex and pro. While comparing clip studio paint ex vs pro we found that its ex version is the best animation. 

While studying the pros and cons of clip studio paint we saw that it has some minor cons. Those are neglectable as it won’t give any major damage. 

You can easily get this clip studio paint software at an affordable price by using the clip studio paint coupon code

Blender 3D 

It’s completely open-source and free software. It has got such an easy interface that it can be used both by professionals and beginners. One can make 2D and 3D animations using it. It works on VFX and is suitable for video editing as well. 

It has a variety of outstanding tools for animation, modeling, sculpting, and texturing. Its features show the hybrid nature of 2D/3D like – physics simulations, grease pencil, scripting, and different visual effects. 

Compatibility Of Blender

It is accessible and compatible on every platform be it Linux, Windows, or Mac OS. 3D models can be made using sculpting tools and mesh editing and be switched in between these two using a single command. 

An excellent option is there, UV mapping and texturing for making the design even more attractive and finally, the keying and rigging tool make the entire animation complete

Toon Boom Harmony 

In the world of 2D animation software, it is proved to be the best one. It has innovative deformers along with color control features, rulers, and guides which make it stand out in front of other animation software. 

It comes with a variety of amazing cut-out animations and rigging, innovative effects and compositing, a huge range of color palettes and paintings, innovative 2D or 3D integration for numerous possibilities.

Advanced brushes to provide the creative look, also contains deformers to achieve the best realistic textures, and outstanding pipeline integration for seamlessly flawless animation and provides a huge number of traditional paperless animations as well. 

Pricing Of Toon Boom Harmony 

It can be used free of cost with limited tools; for USD 25 per month or USD 205 annually for Essential and USD 63 per month or $490 annually for Advanced. 

It has been used to create some of the famous animated shows like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burger, Rick and Morty, and many more. It doesn’t allow to record sound so the third party is used to insert audio. 

Adobe Character Animator

It is the latest version of the Adobe group. It offers different gestures like eyes, blinking, walking, cycling, breathing, and many more. It also provides easy-going facial features animation of eyebrows, mouth (lip-syncing), and eyes. 

It is quite beginner-friendly and one can make a puppet or character with their art of hands and legs easily with expressions also. Contains a huge number of pre-made templates which makes it the best platform for live chat, game streaming, and online knowledge gaining. 

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It is mainly used by graphic designers, gamers, video content creators, educators, and professional animators. It has inbuilt recording, audio, and editing features requiring no third party. 

Pricing Of Toon Boom Harmony 

Its paid version for educational purposes is $52.99/month and for business $33.99/month. If a person wants to explore the animation world, it is highly recommendable for him. 


It is 3D computer animation, simulation, modeling, and rendering software. It uses Bifrost, which has the magic to breathe life into the characters and makes everything seem real from explosions to cloth simulation. 

Arnold is also integrated to create the best quality animation with complex scenarios, characters, and all sorts of other effects. Maya allows one to make expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects with ease. 

The mind-blowing combination of Bifrost and Arnold is not there in any other animation software making it highly professional. It has a free-form approach to 3D modeling and instead of only applying modifiers, one can also apply modeling layers. 

Pricing Of Maya

There are many poly tools available for organic modeling and character rigging. The animation is very intuitive and virtually limitless giving it realistic effects. 

Its monthly cost is $215 while annually it costs $1,700. To get the best deal, it has come up with a cost of $4,590/every 3 years.

Conclusion For Top 5 Animation Softwares

Many students and experts are having many animation designs in their minds to portray on the screen. 

To achieve the design and the best out of their talent, they need outstanding software. 

All those who develop any kind of animation, always want to enhance their artistic knowledge and it can be possible.

If they are working using the best and variety of tools and all this software provides them with all they want. 

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