What is Link Building in Search Engine Optimization?

Link Building

Search engine optimization is a marketing practice that works best when several disciplines are combined at once to help make your website as likely to appear at the top of the search engine results page as possible. One of the most important disciplines is that of link building.

Here, we’re going to take a look at what is link building in search engine optimization and how a quality SEO services company can help ensure you’re using it to the best effect.

Link building is all about acquiring hyperlinks (or just links) to the webpage that you want to optimize. Typically, link building refers to external link building (in which you acquire links from other websites leading to yours,) but internal link building is also an important process in SEO.

Search engine bots crawl your website, using various factors to determine their trustworthiness, authority, and relevance. Amongst the factors that these bots are looking for, links are highly important.

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Internal link building is part of most SEO services, but if you are looking to build links from external websites, a quality SEO services company might be a necessary partner.

Link building is a crucial strategy in high-level SEO and is often necessary to be truly competitive for that top spot. However, it involves slightly more than simply getting any link from an external website to yours.

Websites are coded in HTML, and this goes for hyperlinks, too. An example hyperlink would look like the following:

<a href=”https://www.example.com/seoexample/”>SEO Example Page</a>

The tag (beginning with <a href=) is what’s called the opening tag, and the </a> is the closing tag. The URL is the page that you are linking to, and the text after and before the tags is the anchor text.

About Anchor Text

The Anchor text is one of the most important parts of link building from an SEO perspective. To the reader, it illustrates what kind of web page or content they should expect to see when they click that link. From the perspective of a business, anchor text can lead to more direct clicks.

However, it also has a purpose for the search engine bots that crawl and index your website. The bots recognize the link (and your website) as a relevant page to the anchor text that is used.

Search engines make use of links when they are indexing your website. First of all, they use links as a method to find new websites to index. The more links leading to your site, the more visible it is to the search engine. However, links also help determine how well a page ranks in the search engine results pages.

There are various indicators that determine whether or not search engines consider that webpages are of a high enough quality, trustworthiness, and authority to rank high on the results page for the relevant keywords.

Use of the keyword in the page, as well as in any internal or external links leading to the page, will help. If the pages linking to and from a webpage are relevant to the content of that page, that helps as well. Similarly, if you build links from established and trustworthy websites, then it can help boost your place on the results page.

With the above information in mind, you might be tempted to start link building on your own, linking all of your pages to one another internally while finding any means to have other websites link to your page as well.

However, Google and other search engines have started to penalize pages for what they called “over-optimization.” Keyword stuffing is a famous form of over-optimization, but overzealous link building can hurt as well, especially if you’re linking internally to pages that have little relevance, or gaining external links from untrustworthy websites.

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A quality SEO services company can help you create a structured approach to link building that works. Connecting your site to high-quality, authoritative websites and making sure that internal links have a consistent logic to them can help you enjoy the benefits of link building in SEO.

If you want to draw traffic, improve your conversion rate, and help build brand recognition and trust, a quality SEO services company might just be the help that you need. With the right search engine optimization tasks, we can help your website conquer the search results pages in a way that meets the specific goals of your business.

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