What Is the Best Preschool/playschool Curriculums?

best preschool curriculum

The Best Preschool/Playschool Curriculum


“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn” – Maria Montessori

The curriculum acts as a neutral guide for all the educators helping them filter age-specific teaching for children. Young children learn and concentrate for a very specific time even if the teaching imparted is engaging. Young children’s minds are very unstable. They can like and dislike anything very quickly, curriculum helps educators and facilitators to structure learning and impart it to young minds. It helps both educators and parents. Educators get a plan as to how to teach these young minds and parents get to know about their child’s learning outcome.

What is the preschool curriculum?

Right from learning numbers, the alphabet, colors, etc, a preschool is a place where children explore and discover. They learn things that help them successfully lead their life. All the learnings that a child gets in their initial years of learning that are till 6 years of their age comprise the preschool curriculum. Like K-12 or complete school, the best preschool curriculum isn’t governed and so the preschool is free to opt and teach with their ease and please.

The structured plan through which educators teach these young minds is a preschool curriculum. Each preschool has a unique curriculum to impart learning. After a lot of research, preschools decide what to teach and then set their curriculum with a full edge on making it engaging and child friendly, so that children develop holistically. The curriculum comprises different educational practices from the globe best suited to young children.

Why preschool curriculum is important?

Most of the important developments in children happen in the phase of kindergarten or play school. It is quite crucial and happens subconsciously with the inputs that their brain takes from the environment they reside in. A playschool with a planned curriculum experienced and relevant facilitators to provide them with an age-appropriate environment for their healthy mental, physical, and cognitive development. Children aged between 1.5-6 years have a rapid learning rate, where they easily acquire the learning and it stays with them forever.

Teachers need a planned structure to teach as well as students learn the best when learning is communicated to them in a structured way. Many skills like literacy, numeracy is something that children learn in preschool, along with these they also gain social skills like communication, interpersonal skills, etc which helps them express and communicate better. These factors together make the preschool curriculum important and a topic to viewed critically.

What is the best playschool/ preschool curriculum?

Different Playschools follow different curriculum with a vision to provide the best to the young learners. Here’s a list of some of the best preschool curriculum:

  • Curriculum At ipsaa Day-care: Ipsaa daycare follows an age-appropriate curriculum that helps children seek age-appropriate skills. They keenly follow on Five important areas of development:
  1. Physical development
  2. Cognitive development
  3. Aesthetic development
  4. Lingual Development
  5. Social development

They believe these skills to be primo in the early education for children. Children equipped with these skills can help them successfully lead their future.

  • The curriculum at Maple bear: The curriculum at Maple bear focuses on experience and exploration. The facilitators at Maple bear come up with different engaging methods to impart learning. The curriculum focuses on Mathematics, language, science, and technology. The curriculum applies different techniques to impart learning in a suitable way for young learners.
  • 3c curriculum at DRS Kids Playschool: Inspired by various educational theories worldwide, DRS Kids designed the 3c curriculum that encourages inquiry, research, experimentation, and discovery. It is inspired by various educational practices like inquiry cycle, multiple intelligence, bloom’s taxonomy, etc. It aims in imparting learning for the holistic development of the child
  • The curriculum at mindseed preschool: This preschool follows a 1:1 ratio student curriculum approach. They believe most of the brain development happens in the early age of 1.5-6 years and so they give prime focus on the child’s learning and teaching approach in the kindergarten. They focus on 4 major skills and the entire curriculum revolves around these four. The major skills are logic, reading, perseverance, and concentration.
  • EYFS at Poddar jumbo kids: This is a unique curriculum from the United Kingdom. They focus on the special area of interest. These 7 pillars help children in leading a successful life. The 7 pillars consist of language competency, literacy skills, social development, numeracy skills, creative development, personal competency, and physical competency. These skills involve physical, mental, and cognitive skills responsible for the overall development of a child.


A curriculum is a structure to get and give knowledge. Anything with a proper plan leads to great results. Teaching children at such a tender age is quite a difficult task, curriculum eases the task and provides multiple ways for teachers and facilitators to impart learning. The curriculum is the base of education. It not only structures the learning but also has a lot to do with the structuring of the learner. It helps in the building process of an energetic young child to a sensible and successful adult.

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