What is the significant of WPC Certificate and how to get it?

significant of WPC Certificate

What is the significant of WPC Certificate and how to get it? The Wireless Planning Commission issues WPC Certificate. It’s a Equipment Type Approval to import wireless products in India. As a license, the WPC License is not very well known. But it should be. The reasons for that are many:

  1. India is fast moving towards digitization making it necessary to monitor the products that are instrumental in this phenomenon.
  2. Most people are still interested in foreign products when it comes to wireless equipments.
  3. With things are not well with China, other countries have started to see India as an attractive business destination. It has opened venues for more nuanced international trade.

With that in mind, let us take a deep dive into the significance of WPC Certificate and how can you obtain it.

What is WPC?

WPC refers to Wireless Planning Commission. It was established by the Department of Telecommunication to monitor the frequency in which the wireless equipment work. When it comes to frequencies, every product should work in a separate one.

If they aren’t, the equipments can interfere with each other and that’s a recipe for disaster. Which is why, the Department of Telecommunication, via the WPC, set two frequency ranges:

  1. Licensed bands
  2. Delicensed bands

Licensed bands are those that are reserved for specific products and to import such products, WPC certificate for import is mandatory.

The same goes for delicensed bands. However, instead of going through the standard procedure of obtaining the ETA certificate, those dealing with products that work under delicensed bands can file for ETA approval through self certification.

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Products that are exempted from Equipment Type Approval

One confusion that most have about Equipment Type Approval is whether it’s for everyone and every telecom product. To that, our answer is no. As per the rules of Equipment type approval exemption, products that are:

  1. Made in India, or
  2. Work on frequencies that have already been authorized by the WPC,

don’t require WPC ETA approval

To put in simple terms, the Equipment type approval is not for the equipment itself, it’s an approval for the frequency. So, if one particular frequency has been already approved by the WPC, and you’re producing a wireless product that works at the frequency, no approval is needed.

What is the Process of Acquiring the WPC Certificate – Significant of WPC Certificate

WPC Certificate full form is Wireless Planning Commission Certificate. If we have to define the term, it would be:

A Certification given by the Wireless Planning Commission for the import of products working within certain licensed and delicensed frequency bands

To get the said certificate from the commission, you’re required to follow the steps as follows:

  1. Get a radio frequency test report of your telecom equipment. The tests should be done in India and by the labs that are NABL accredited.
  2. Once the tests are done, file the application of WPC Import license.
  3. The documents that you’re required to attach to the aforementioned application are as follows:
    1. Certificate of incorporation of your company (The Indian importer)
    2. The Import Export Code
    3. A letter authorizing the Indian representative to file the application on your behalf.
    4. Details of the product.
  4. The Commission, after receiving your application, will start testing your wireless product.
  5. If the radio frequency readings they get from the tests matches with the ones you’ve given, you’ll obtain the WPC Certification India.


WPC Certification is not a license that many search for. But it’s the license that should be ignored. The significance of imported products have always been high in India and with this license, you get the right to import wireless product.

No wonder, The significant of WPC Certificate has become so high. That being said, it’s not easy to count yourselves in the WPC ETA list. You need a lot of assistance from a lot of experts. Fortunately for you, all you need to do is take the consult of our business professionals. We are always ready for your assistance.

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