What Makes Refurbished Mobile Phones Worth Buying

Refurbished Mobile Phones

Discuss About Refurbished Mobile Phones: Buying mobile phones can sometimes be a bit of a confusing activity. For a lot of us people who aren’t as tech-savvy, and having lavish budgets, most of us are stuck between considering a budget smartphone or a used second-hand phone. But both of these have their fair share of troubles. Even if you buy a new phone, they’re often under powered and lack certain nifty features, unless you start paying good money for them. On the other hand, sure second-hand phones are much cheaper than buying new ones, but the problem is that it’s very risky.

After being used, the performance of any phone starts degrading, the software becomes bloated, body parts get damaged from wear and tear. All of this is common in second-hand phones, assuming that they aren’t outright cracked, damaged, or plagued by software viruses. You might be able to get a deal, but there’s always the risk of getting scammed with a lemon.

What’s A Refurbished Mobile Phone?

In the most basic terms, a refurbished phone is a used or an older phone that has been spruced up and repaired to the point that it is in a fresh out-of-box condition. Oftentimes, you’ll find that the condition of a phone is identical to a newer model. At most, a refurbished mobile phones will sport some minor nicks and scratches on the body that don’t necessarily take away from the user experience.

However, one thing to keep a note of is that there is no guarantee of the extra accessories being present with the phone. So you might have to spend a little more on purchasing a charger or a set of headphones if you don’t already have them. Otherwise, refurbished phones often come in generic packaging instead of the original box, so you might miss out on the glossy new phone unboxing experience.

The Refurbishing Process

Refurbished Mobile Phones

It’s necessary for us to have an understanding of how phones are refurbished. The very first step is sourcing the phones. Refurbished mobile phones are ones that have been returned to retailers or producers for some fault in them, or simply because of the buyer’s wish. It’s important to note here, that it’s not necessary that a refurbished phone was originally broken or faulty.

After procuring the phones, the mechanic has to go through several steps. First is the diagnosis, which begins with a physical checkup of the phone’s body. Next comes a software checkup to ensure that the phone isn’t glitchy after which the previous user’s data, if any, is wiped away completely. The last step is a full teardown to ascertain the hardware side doesn’t have any issue.

Once the diagnosis is completed, we can begin refurbishing the phone. Often the most simple step is to thoroughly clean the entire phone, repackage it and send it away. In case of any dents or scratches, screen or body replacements can be made as per the intended level of refurbishment. Finally, any hardware repairs that are required will be performed on the phone’s processor, camera, speakers, and battery. The last step is to again fully check the performance of the phone to be smooth. Once approved, the refurbished phone is packed and shipped.

But Wait, Can I Trust A Refurbished Mobile Phone?

The risk factor in purchasing a refurbished phone is largely mitigated by a few considerations. Primarily, refurbished phones are often sold by certified and well-reputed retailers. They take extra care to bring any smartphone to perfect working condition. Hence, instead of random shady sellers on eBay, online shopping in Ireland for refurbished phones can be done from reputable websites such as Amazon Renewed, Ubuy, Apple-certified refurbishers, and Envirofone.

You can trust the authenticity of the phone to be good when shopping from these websites. Secondly, refurbished phones are often graded from A-D. D class phones, which are barely in working condition are rarely ever sold by big sellers, hence you can rest assured that you won’t get a ragged and torn-down cell that’s on the death bed.

Refurbished vs Second Hand

This is a rather interesting debate. Second-hand phones are “used” phones. The ambit of the term “used” can be extremely wide and could mean literally anything that the sellers choose to define. In refurbished phones, you essentially are getting close to a new phone altogether. Hence there is very little to compare between them. Refurbished phones are often the safer option that is available to provide a close to a fresh experience.

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Refurbished vs New Phones

The main topic in this argument is if I’m buying an almost new phone anyway, am I even saving money? The answer to it is that it depends upon a number of factors. Often, you’ll have to browse a little and do a bit of comparison to determine whether you’re actually getting a good deal. Sure, if you’re trying to purchase a model that’s a couple of years old, refurbished is a great idea, but if you’re looking to purchase the current flagship, the difference can often be negligible.

It’s common to save around a couple of hundred pounds at best when purchasing a relatively newer refurbished phone. Besides, buying new also gives you access to the extra accessories that come along with the phone such as the charger and the charging cable, headphones, phone covers or screen guards, ejection tools, etc. Secondly, oftentimes, the company doesn’t give a warranty with the refurbished phone, although this is compensated by the fact that most refurbished retailers provide a warranty at their own expense.

With this thorough exploration of the refurbished phone market, we hope that this article helps you come to the right decision! Phone purchasing can often be very tricky and we understand that completely. Hence, try out refurbished ones for an easier alternative to today’s best most expensive phone. Refurbished phones are abundantly available almost in every country in several online as well as offline stores. All you have to do is go ahead, explore and come to the right choice!

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