Why Employers Love Android Monitoring Software

Android Monitoring Software

Why Employers Love Android Monitoring Software?

Recently someone added me to some kind of chat group named ‘The Boss’. As cliche it sounds, the group chat content is on another level. The thing is someone made a group to discuss different job-related problems and issues and someone in my circle added me to that group as well. So whenever I see the phone there are some hundred-something popup notifications present on that group. Yesterday I was traveling out of town and had so much free time so I decided to check that group content. Well, people were talking about some OgyMogy spy app and how it has helped in their job. Most of the people agreed on the usage of this app and were sharing stories about how this android monitoring software has made their employees more skillful and attentive. Turned out everyone love this app so I decided to check the details as I have so much time.

Well, the OgyMogy is a spy app that offers employee monitoring features for the user to monitor the employees through company-owned devices. The best feature that got my attention was that it can help the employer to catch any suspicious happening or spying activities. I have not mentioned why I was going out of the station. Well turned out someone tried to hack the system of another regional branch and stole some important data. So I had to personally travel 6 hours to monitor the whole situation. I was so mad as I had my plans for the weekend with my family which now have been ruined thanks to some knucklehead.

I  bought the package right away and now I know why everyone loves this app so much. It really can make the life of us employers a little easy and less stressful. The details of wonderful features are as follows.

Get Hold Of  The Call Record Data:

I was being told that the culprit behind the whole Office mess up was frequently seen on the phone in-office hours. It was like he was reporting every detail back to his boss. Thus the 1st thing I noticed was that OgyMogy spy app offer calls log feature that let the user know about every call details, including incoming and outgoing call record as well. This feature is very useful to trace any suspicious or useless calls during the office or important meeting hours.

Listen To All The Suspicious Call:

All the suspicious calls can be remotely recorded easily by using the call record features of the spy app. Know about any hidden agenda or evil plan details secretly by using this app.

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SMS Content Details In Your Hand:

Employers can get their hands on the complete text record of the target employee. The text of history feature offered by the spy app lets the user know about the chat details, any coded message, and frequent contacts as well. Track any suspicious threat or odd message beforehand to stop damage on time.

No Meeting Is A Secret Meeting:

Employers can track the whereabouts of all the employees very easily in real-time by using this feature. This feature is useful as the pinpoint location of employees like drivers, delivery guys or any other can be traced out.

Know About Any Suspicious Account:

Today everything is digital from online banking to email correspondence of important documents. The keylogging feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app thus is the real blessing in this online world.  It records all the keystrokes applied on the target device. Employers can know about any secret account id along with its password by using the keylogging features.

Email Screen In your Access:

The email screen recording features let the user have remote access to all the email correspondence details of the target person. Thus you can find out about all the contacts, inbox and sent an email along with all the attachment history.

Spy apps for android  also offers the best parental control features as well. Parents who want to keep an eye on teenagers and minors can select the package of their choice and start tracking their kids quite easily. The installation process is very simple. I am planning to get the parental control app features too after discussing it with my wife. I hope she will love it as these days one of the main concerns of us parents is the security and wellbeing of the child.s

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