Why MilesWeb is the Best Windows Shared Hosting Provider?

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Windows hosting may not be the popular platform out there, but it is essential for individuals and companies that are committed to Microsoft web products. 

But Windows hosting is a spectrum and there are some facts of it that you should know before taking the decision.

While searching through the multitude of Windows hosting plans available, you should consider the following points:

  • Does it offer high loading speeds and reliability?
  • Does it come with SSL certificates?
  • Does it support applications you want to run?
  • Does it offer value for money?

These aren’t the only factors to consider while shopping for a Windows hosting package, they are a good indication of whether a Windows hosting plan is a good choice.

What is Windows?

One of the premier operating systems globally, Microsoft Windows provides specialized operating systems for personal computers, smartphones, servers, X-boxes and other devices.

Software and applications from the Microsoft family are seamlessly integrated with the suite of Windows operating systems and this is the major benefit of Windows. Moreover, Microsoft offers a similarly organized software environment throughout, users familiar with one version of Windows will find it easy to familiarize themselves with Windows geared towards other devices.

Finally, Windows operating systems can execute a wide range of Microsoft and other applications, software and coding languages essential to create content, websites, and so much more.

Reasons for Selecting Windows Hosting

Both Windows hosting and Linux hosting are often branded as competitors. But actually, Windows hosting target a very specific crowd that Linux hosts can’t help.

Individuals that have build their website using Microsoft’s ASP.NET or .NET software frameworks will only be able to host it with a Windows server. Similarly, enterprise-level companies with legacy systems built on MSSQL or MS access will need to host their website on a Windows server to keep their databases updated with real-time data.

Unlike Linux, Windows is not an open-source product. While running Microsoft software on a Windows server you need more resources, and as such come at higher price than Linux. Yet for people who have invested in Microsoft applications, Windows hosting provides servers configured in such a way that they perfectly meet the requirements of these Microsoft products.

Particularly, advanced users can do many things with Windows hosting. Developers that are well-known to other Windows operating systems can easily configure their server’s Window settings with the help of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection.

Windows hosting uses a powerful server for hosting websites and offers a rich feature set for beginners and developers.

Benefits of Windows Hosting

Some of the Microsoft programming languages and frameworks run only on a Windows server. Windows servers deliver a quality hosting product with several benefits:

  • Get lightning-fast speed for your Microsoft-powered website: If have build your website in ASP.Net or .Net, the only type of server that is suitable for these frameworks is a Windows server. Windows hosting is specially designed for Microsoft software and as such generally provides above average load times.
  • Improve the SEO ranks: Speed isn’t only for attracting the customers and keeping them engaged. Google considers website’s page load speeds as a factor for ranking in search engines. Window server offers perfect compatibility with Microsoft-licensed products and software. Therefore, it offers high performance for your website that improves your ranking among the industry’s organic searches.
  • Create stunning websites via the Plesk control panel: Since Windows hosting is specifically designed to meet the needs of Microsoft programs, other popular CMS and e-commerce platforms won’t be supported on it. But most Windows hosting plans offer 1-click install of the platforms you want such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

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MilesWeb Windows Hosting

An Indian hosting company, MilesWeb offers affordable and robust web hosting solutions since 2012. They have been rewarded with many awards for performance, customer support, reliability and customer support. They are an independent web hosting company offering a wide range of web hosting solutions such as dedicated, reseller, VPS, cloud ,WordPress and shared hosting. They have a dedicated customer support team that serves their customers with proper solutions for their queries 24*7 via live chat and email. You get 30 day money back guarantee which means you can use their services and if not happy, you can claim for the refund within 30 days of service purchase. They ensure that your website will always remain up by offering an uptime of 99.95%.

Windows Shared Hosting Plans

hosting plans


  • Register Your Free Domain
  • Migrate Your Website for Free
  • SSD Drive
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Secure Email
  • Programming and Database
  • Instant Account Setup

The Verdict

Windows hosting is specifically designed for hosting your Microsoft based websites or applications. With MilesWeb, you get Windows hosting with complete features that help your website to get faster performance.

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