Window 10 Common Problem and Their Solutions

Window 10 Common Problem

Window 10 Common Problem and Their Solutions

Window 10 Common Problem and Their Solutions: It is an undeniable fact that a PC that won’t stop restarting, again and again, is nothing but a headache and a destroyer of productivity. If you are a victim of PC restarting, printer, not functioning or other similar problems that ganged up to hurt your performance, then consider this article your best friend. This article will give solutions to some common problems. If you encounter unlimited restarts, inability to use printers, and inability to directly share with Windows XP while using Win10, then this article may be helpful to you.

Infinite Restart

PC parts available in the UK are mostly of good quality if bought from a reliable supplier and these parts work well with windows 10.  For Windows 10, restarting can solve most problems, but once there are problems that cannot be solved by restarting, it will be embarrassing and you will fall into an endless loop of restarting. When you encounter this situation, you can solve it like this: right-click For this computer, click Properties, click Advanced System Settings on the left, switch to the Advanced tab in the system properties window that pops up, click the settings in the “Enable and Recovery” column, and uncheck the “System Failure” column “Automatic restart” can be saved.

In most cases, this operation can solve the problem. If it still does not work, press win+R, enter “MSConfig” in the command window to open the system settings interface, switch to the “General” tab, and check the “Diagnostic startup” “Click OK to restart the computer, if it still doesn’t work, turn off the quick start function.

Cannot Use The Printer

We all know that Windows 10 can automatically install “universal drivers” compatible with most devices, but these drivers are often incomplete. It is better to use official drivers, but some older printers often pop up “third-party INF” when installing drivers. “Does not contain digital signature information”, we can solve the following methods: select “Update and Security” in the settings application, click Restart now in the recovery, select “Troubleshooting → Advanced options → Startup settings”, and then select ” Disable driver mandatory signature” and click restart.

We will also encounter the problem of “Cannot connect to the printer” during use. The problem lies in the system settings. Open Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Services, find “Print Spooler”, double-click this service, and go to the General submenu of the Properties menu. In the menu, set the startup type to automatic, and click Start in the service status to save.

Cannot Share Directly With Windows XP

First, go to the start menu and click on the run option. When the run window is opened, enter the command gpedit. msc, and press enter or hit OK. When the window appears you can go to expand: computer configuration and then on windows settings, hit security settings collapse, move to local policies and then reach to security options. Lastly, find the Network Access which leads to Network access and sharing and security of model accounts.  In the opened window go to computer configuration then windows settings, find security options there and look for network access. Double click on sharing and security model of Local Accounts.

Snap the drop-down menu here, select the menu thing “Guest Only, confirm the local user, additionally in the security options window, discover the thing ” Account: Guest account status “, double-tap the thing to open. In its properties window, select the “Enabled” menu thing, click the OK, and afterwards click “PC Configuration→Windows Settings→Security Settings→Local Policies→User Rights Assignment”, and discover “Access this PC from the organization” in the correct window “Strategy, double-tap the arrangement to open its properties window, and afterwards click the “Add client or gathering” button, enter the client name visitor in the open select client or gathering window, and afterwards click “Check Name” on the option to consequently filling altogether the ways, lastly click the OK catch.

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After getting back to the above properties window, you can see that the Guest client name has been added to the user category. Under the user rights task menu, you can discover the “Reject access to this computer from the network” policy, after double tapping the approach, you can open its properties window, at that point select the “Guests” client name above, and afterwards click delete to erase the user’s name. Thusly, in the wake of restarting the PC, the XP framework can get to the Windows 10 framework.

We hope that this article has eased up your problems a little bit and with its help, you will be able to take care of all your PC issues that have been keeping you from reaching your max potential. The problems like the computer restarting, not-compatible windows drive and unsupported device software can result in massive frustrations and loss of productivity. Whether you are at home or the office, you need your PC to work to the fullest in order to get the job done both efficiently and effectively. Although these problems have a striking effect still it doesn’t require the replacement of your PC and you can still fix them up yourself.

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