5 Signs Indicating You Are Using Outdated Marketing Tactics

Staying relevant means everything in the modern marketing landscape. What worked for your business a year ago may not be as effective today. Failure to adapt to change and sticking to the status quo can be lethal for a business.

Kodak, the brand that used to control 90 percent of the film market in the United States in the 70s, lost its charm because it ignored the latest marketing strategies. The company failed to realize that customer priorities had changed. Eventually, Kodak had to declare bankruptcy. You wouldn’t want your business to end up like that, right? Instead, you would want it to thrive just like Spectrum TV, which is all the rage these days among households in America.

Unfortunately, marketing teams are reluctant when it comes to embracing change. 6 out of 10 marketers believe their strategies are effective whereas a quarter of teams report their organizations are reluctant towards change. How do you know you are using outdated marketing techniques? These are the top warning signs:

1: Your Audience is not Growing

Companies are reaching potential customers in profound ways. They bombard them with discounts, offers, and exclusive products for conversion. Things are far more competitive than you think they are. If you are unable to attract new customers, the marketing strategies in use could be to blame.

Check the number of new followers on social media, number of visits to your site, and new leads. If the numbers are stagnant or decreasing, consider revising your marketing strategy.

2: No Social Media Strategy

Every business has at least one social media account dedicated to its company be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Merely posting something on your social media handles once a week randomly is not going to work. It won’t attract new followers or make a difference in building your brand or generating leads.

It’s imperative to have a proper social media strategy that’s directed towards an aim such as building brand awareness, promoting a product, driving web traffic, and generating leads. Adopt the latest social media marketing techniques for a creative and well-target social media marketing strategy.

3: The Content Is Going Unnoticed

If you are continuously releasing new content but it’s failing to gain traction, it may not just be the content that is to blame. How, where, and to whom you are delivering the content has an impact too. A lot of things can go wrong in the content marketing chain.

One of the most important things to be mindful of in 2021 is to make your content shareable. Effective content sharing also involves running social media campaigns and targeting the relevant audience.

4: Content Marketing Has a Heavy Focus on Text

Long-form articles are highly recommended when it comes to Search Engine Optimization but the constant barrage of lengthy textual pieces can be disengaging. Customers don’t really have the time or desire to read the long pieces.

Unfortunately, brands are busy producing text-heavy content in the form of case studies, blog posts, and web copy. No doubt they are great for SEO but they aren’t very engaging. Your audience does not want text-only material. They want to see videos, infographics, visuals, and even podcasts. Such content boosts engagement significantly.

5: Personalization is Non-Existent

Personalization means offering an experience that is specific to the needs and preferences of the individual. Brands even today have failed to offer personalization to their audience.

Customers expect personalized with every brand interaction. The personalization offered must be deeper than the surface level. A study reveals that 44 percent of the customers react negatively when a brand makes no effort to offer a personalized experience. On the other hand, they are likely to buy from a business that makes an effort to offer a more personalized experience.


All these signs clearly indicate that ignoring the latest trends and shifts in the market can turn out to be a huge loss for a business. If you are guilty of using old-school marketing tactics, adjust your marketing strategy immediately to protect your business from losing precious customers and the market share.

Study the latest marketing trends in your industry and check what your competitors are up to. Revise your marketing plan based on these findings.

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